Top Five: New Years Movies

New Years Eve is a magical time of year, especially in movies. There is wonder and hope, and the constant excitement of a big party. Some people have NYE traditions that involve watching the ball drop and celebrating at a big party, while others have a more relaxed evening at home, eating lots of food and watching movies galore. If you’re in the second grouping, then here’s a list of our top five movies for the big night:

  1. When Harry Met Sally. Although not entirely a NYE movie, it’s a romantic comedy that mixes the party fun of the holidays.
  2. Poseidon. A bit of a darker turn, this is a fun disaster flick set during New Years Eve on a cruise ship as it runs into some trouble.
  3. Godfather, Part 2. The first is one of the most classic movies going, but the second one’s most famous scenes are set during New Years Eve in Cuba.
  4. 200 Cigarettes. With a star-studded cast, this comedy-drama follows a bunch of characters through New York City on NYE in 1981. Check out the old school costumes, still relevant actors Kate Hudson, Ben Affleck, and Paul Rudd, and re-live the party hijinks.
  5. Doctor Who (1996 TV movie). I think every list could probably be filled up with Dr Who, since there is so much of it, but this is a good one. Filmed in Vancouver and set in San Fran, it features the Daleks and the Seventh Doctor in his final performance.