Ben’s Top Five: Bachelor Girls

The best Bachelor girls aren’t just the two that make it to the final rose, they’re also the ones who act up throughout the season creating drama, drinking lots, and generally acting crazy. So here are our top five Bachelor girls on Ben’s season. Honestly, who knows if he’ll even recognize when they manipulate him?

  1. Olivia (pictured above). She’s sweet and clearly interesting enough to get the first impression rose from Ben, which is a good sign. Previews also showed clips of her for quite a while, which seems like a good sign for anyone betting on the season.
  2. laceLace. She’s a judgemental drunk, but that’s never a reason to kick a girl off in the first few episodes. Maybe she’ll mellow out and become a nice girl, or maybe she’ll become the next crazy Ashley. Either way, expect the producers to keep her around for a while.
  3. Jubilee. She’s a war vet which brings with it some stories, and this show is nothing without its crazy stories. Previews show her giving Ben a massage during a cocktail night, and running around crying for a while. Unfortunately, it also looked like it might be all one night. Drama is good on here, and if she can figure out the Bachelor Mansion dynamic then she can probably last for a while.
  4. Caila. Previews hint that she’ll be around for a while, and despite seeming really young in her bio she’s cute and more mature on film. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it far and lost out on age, then went on to Bachelor in Paradise or Bachelorette.
  5. Emily and Haley. I wasn’t sure whether to choose another crazy or a nice girl, so I went with a bit of both. They’re crazy because of the twin thing, and they’re really playing up that fantasy threesome idea (which is actually so gross, if you think about it) which Ben seems keen on so far. However, they also seem like nice (albeit young) girls. Apparently they don’t drink or party, they’re a little reserved, and they seemed much classier and mature than some of the other older women. We’ll have to see how that maturity fares when Ben decides to pick one or the other, but until then it’ll be a wild ride!

Now you know our top five girls so far, but what do you think of Ben’s picks? Did he choose wrong? Do you think Lace is a going to be the season’s drunk mess? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow @reviewsbylauren on Twitter to join in the discussion next Monday!


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