Random Netflix Movie Night: Blitz

Jason Statham stars in British crime thriller, Blitz. It’s cop-killer versus killer-cop, but thoroughly less violent and action-packed than I expected.

I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for the cop thriller this evening, but it’s certainly not a riveting film. The dialogue is poorly written, and I was constantly hoping for Statham to pull out his action chops and save the film, but it never happened.

Statham plays a tough cop, constantly spouting sexist, racist, and homophobic stuff. Now I’m not saying that’s a reason to ditch the movie, but if you don’t want that type of old-school cop mentality, this won’t be for you. Despite the lack of action, it’s terribly violent. The cop-killer happens to be quite sadistic, and we see that and hear that, which is quite shocking.

The only female character of interest in the film is relegated to minor scenes largely insignificant for the main serial killer story.

I’d give it a 5/10. If you’re into


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