Bachelor Ben Goes to High School and Tries Science

Bachelor Ben had a wild week with crazy girls, ridiculous dates, and manipulation.

The first date brought Amber, Becca, Jackie, Jennifer, JoJo, Jubilee, Lace, Lauren LB, and Lauren H to a local California high school for a friendly competition. After the girls paired up to race around the campus and prove how dumb they are, Mandi won and got a short car ride before the evening portion of the date. All the girls were angry about Mandi winning because they lost, but Mandi actually seemed a lot more normal on this date. Plus, she was working the patterned pants that I don’t think any of us could have pulled off. If there was a rolling-up-your-pants-for-weird-Bachelor-competitions game, then she definitely won.

In the evening, Lace continued her drinking from last week and completely self destructed. She stole him away from other girls many times which isn’t going to win her any friends, and then she cried about other girls stealing him away from her. Karma’s a bitch, right? Maybe she just isn’t very good at talking, because later at the cocktail party she ended up rambling and crying about how she showed him the wrong side of her. JoJo won the group date rose and showed herself as a really sweet girl. Normally waiting for the Bachelor to find you doesn’t work out, and girls end up stressing and getting all mopey (Amber, anyone?) but this time it worked in her favour, and she got the best one on one time of the night!

Ben and CailaNext up, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube show up to promote their movie in the worst possible way. Ben and Caila were supposed to have a ‘cheap date night’ but spent part of it with two famous actors, drove around in a classic old convertible, drank fancy champagne, and bribed a hot tub dealership (??) to let them luxuriate in the hot tub after hours. Then that evening they rented our a normal-looking restaurant all for themselves, and added white table cloths to make it fancy. That’s just about the most expensive cheap date I’ve ever heard of. Picnics are a classic of this show, and they’ve done much more ‘regular person’ dates in the past. Why not rent a Jeep or Camry or something, go to a grocery store to collect picnic supplies, and go off to some park for a picnic before getting a pre-screening of Ride Along 2, the movie Hart and Cube were promoting. Much more fun, plus there wouldn’t be two weird guys in the back seat cracking jokes and making everything a hell of a lot more awkward. Plus, why was Ben staring at Kevin Hart’s junk when it was privacy screened in the hot tub?

I know initially I dissed on Caila because she’s young and didn’t seem ready for a mature relationship, but I guess her bio just mislead me. She seems really sweet and personable, and exactly what he’s looking for. They talked about how unloveable he felt, how last season was hard on him, and how her previous relationships didn’t get her as emotionally involved as she wanted. Let’s hope he doesn’t get heartbroken by her — he does cry later on (as they all are scripted to do).

Group Date

The second group date brought Amanda, Emily, Haley, Jennifer, Olivia, Samantha, and Shushanna to a ‘Love Lab’ science lab. Everybody is forced to wear idiotic things on their heads and go through a bunch of silly trials to see who has the highest score, which obviously makes them most compatible with Ben. They look at pictures, go in a heat sensor room, and run on treadmills before Ben smells them and describes the odor. He says everybody is fruity and sweet except Samantha. He says she is sour, which is probably the most embarrassing thing that could happen as a man smells your reproductive organs from your hip area.

Instead of giving everyone their scores, Samantha is told she has the worst compatibility and Olivia gets the highest of 7.4/10. Apparently that blew everyone else out of the water, which sounds like nobody is really that compatible with Ben. However, they all go to the evening fancy part of the date to fight for one on one time and awkwardly sit on a couch together. Why did Ben think it was okay to pair a hoodie with a sports jacket? And why did he think it was alright to wear any of that when the girls are dressed to the nines for the fancy evening date? If I was a contestant and knew that’s how he dressed, I would wear yoga pants or sweat pants with a fancy top because it’s ~fashun~

Olivia, who seemed so sweet and lovely in first week, has become a horribly manipulative woman. Not only that, but for a reporter she really doesn’t know what to do on camera. Her reaction to just about everything is opening her mouth as wide as it will go. Have producers not told her that’s unflattering yet? Somebody should, unless she’s trying to hint something to Ben. This week, she’s still sweet and lovely with Ben but tries to scare all the other girls away. Even once she gets the group date rose tonight, she steals him away at the next night’s cocktail party to thank him for the rose. How is that necessary?

On the second group date, Amanda told Ben about her children and had a genuine conversation with him, but he still gave the rose to Olivia. At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Ben pulls out all the stops to create little flowery clips for her girl’s hair. It’s probably one of the sweetest reactions to a contestant having children that I’ve seen on this whole series.

The girls remaining are: JoJo (group), Caila (1on1), Olivia (group), Amanda, Amber, Becca, Emily, Haley, Jami, Jennifer, Jubilee, Lace surprisingly, Lauren B, Lauren H, Leah, Rachel, and Shushanna.

Unsurprisingly, sour Samantha is sent home along with Jackie. What I didn’t expect was Mandi to be sent home as well. I guess the producers realized she wasn’t weird enough, and Ben was too weirded out by the dentistry episode from last week.

But tell me, what did you think of Olivia? Is she manipulative, or just misunderstood by the women? Let me know in the comments, or tweet along next week @reviewsbylauren. Finally, check out how you’re doing on our Bachelor pool here!

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