The Bachelor: Jubilee Comforts Ben and Gets in Trouble

As the episode opens, two girls are discussing Olivia’s many manipulations. The newest one? Olivia’s ridiculous clothing expenditures. She couldn’t really have bought $40,000 worth of clothes for this show… Don’t the producers provide some of that stuff? Caila isn’t going to handle this show very well. After one date and maybe a few days spending time with him, and she’s crying about the fact that other women are here. Turns out, she’s a screecher too, so that’ll get annoying.

Lauren B gets the first one on one of the week and goes on a matchy-matchy date. They end up going on a by-plane ride, which is known for their stunts, and it freaks out the flight attendant. I don’t know why she’s so freaked out about going in a small plane, but then they get in the air and she’s immediately calm. It’s nice to have the scripted fake-out I guess. In the evening, they’re chatty and Ben starts opening up about his father’s medical issues. During the concert, he starts journaling about his big feelings.

Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Shushanna, Leah, Amber, Lauren H, Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace, and Emily make it onto the soccer group date. Competitions are never fun without some ruthless girls, but Ben is really not looking for that. Lauren H said she had 0 ball handling skills, without realizing the joke with that. How could you be that dumb? When the game begins, Haley and Emily are split up so we finally get some sisterly competition, and Emily kicks ass as goalie getting Ben really hyped. In the end, Rachel gets injured and Emily’s team of Stars loses.

In the evening, Amber is back to her usual moping because she’s scared about not getting time with him, and then Olivia pulls Ben away before he can even finish his sentence. All the girls start poking at all of Olivia’s faults, her toes and breath and definite fake books. Is that really all they have to talk about, or the biggest problems they can find with her?

1It’s normal to get to a little nervous before a first date, especially on a show like this, but joking about him being late is just…awkward. Plus, asking if anyone wants to go on the date because you have to go into a helicopter really shows you don’t care that much. Did anybody else notice the wine glasses as big as Jubilee’s head, though? In the evening, she opens up about guilt associated with Haiti and they get into some really serious conversations. I can’t help but think she needs to talk these issues out with a therapist or something.

The day of the rose ceremony, everyone starts gossiping about Jubilee’s shocking rose. It’s difficult when he gives someone a rose that is incredibly different from you, but when she gives him a massage to help him relax after learning two close family friends died that’s really nothing to scoff about. The girls must be upset they didn’t think of something just as smart as her. Once half the girls gang up on her, some realize she might be hurting too and Amber goes for some damage control once Ben gets involved.

Girls staying: Lauren B (1on1), Amber (group), Jubilee (1on1), Amanda, Becca, Caila, Emily, Haley, Jennifer, JoJo, Lauren H, Leah, Olivia, and Rachel. After Olivia gets the final rose of the night, she starts reading into the hug she got from him as all these crazy signals.