Best Sound Mixing

Sound mixing is where all the sounds come together. Can you hear the dialogue over the score and surrounding noise? Are the action scenes and quieter talking scenes balanced, so you aren’t deafened in the change? That’s all important here, and this year we have a tough category – one of the most difficult to pick.

Star Wars and Max Max have a lot of action sequences to put together. Star Wars has to contend with space, sci-fi, and technology meshing with sounds we expect from action, while Mad Max is mostly set in a loud tank of an oil rig, with some fantastical car creations. The Martian also has sci-fi qualities, with much of the movie following one man on Mars, and in small locations at that. The Revenant is based entirely in nature, and has many sweeping POV scenes that require an adept sound mixer to fit everything together. Bridge of Spies is Spielberg’s 2016 entry, and is a lot different than the other four blockbuster movies. Although it has a chance, it doesn’t live up to the performance of the other four nominees.

  1. The Revenant
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road
  4. The Martian
  5. Bridge of Spies

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