Best Live Action Short

Most of this year’s nominees bring attention to the world as a fractured place, either through comedy or drama. Day One follows a translator on her first day with the US military. As her day progresses, she becomes a midwife for an Afghani woman – it packs an emotional punch.

Stutterer is a British offering, and the shortest of the nominated films. A lonely typographer with a debilitating speech impediment goes out into the world to meet his online girlfriend. It’s a sweet insight into his world, without being over the top.

Ave Maria is a sweet and unique comedy. An Israeli family’s car breaks down in the West Bank outside a convent with silent Palestinian nuns. It’s conventional and a great watch.

Everything Will Be Okay follows a divorced father picking up his 8 year old daughter for the weekend. But this time, he has a special plan.

Shok tests the limits of two boys and their friendship in the middle of the Kosovo war of 1998-99.

  1. Day One
  2. Stutterer
  3. Ave Maria
  4. Everything Will Be Okay
  5. Shok

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