Top Five: Best Valentines Movies – For you and your guy

Valentines is a fun evening to connect with your beau. You don’t need a fancy dinner or a box of chocolates, just have a nice evening at home and curl up with a movie! Here are our top five:

  1. The Wedding Date. Dermot Mulroney and Debra Messing are a great pair in this movie. It’s sexy, funny, and has a great supporting cast to keep it interesting. Other notable movies from him is My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Family Stone.
  2. Only You. If you believe in fate – or want to laugh at it’s inconsistencies – then this is for you. A young Robert Downey Jr and Marisa Tomei have trouble finding each other in this very funny film set in Italy as she searches for love.
  3. Sleepless in Seattle. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were a fantastic pair in the 90s romantic film scene. This one ends with the classic Empire State Building scene on Valentines day, so it had to be on the list. Their other famous movie together is You’ve Got Mail.
  4. 50 First Dates (or any rom-com Drew Barrymore movie). She’s a great choice for the rom coms because she’s silly and ‘just like us’. Other movies of hers are Going the Distance and Never Been Kissed.
  5. Notting Hill (or any Hugh Grant movie). Hugh Grant is practically the king of rom-coms. He’s gorgeous, polite, and great at playing the loveable fool. It’s hard to choose a few favourites from him, but here we go: About a BoyBridget Jones’ DiaryMusic and LyricsFour Weddings and a Funeral, and Sense and Sensibility.

These are a great choice for the romantic, but what if you’re just looking for a chick flick or want a girl’s night for Valentines? We’ve got the list for you here.

But tell us in the comments, what are your favourite movies to watch on Valentines?

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