Olivia Manipulates the Bachelor and Gets Rebuffed

Last week, Amanda and Lauren H got roses on their one on one dates and Olivia got one on the group date – surprising, since Ben didn’t look to be enjoying himself.

Tonight, we start up where last week’s to-be-continued left off: as Ben’s pulling Olivia aside as the rose ceremony is about to begin. Will he confront her about the accusations everyone is throwing at her? Yes, yes he will. The editors tried to make it seem like she wouldn’t make it onto next week in the promo, but to no avail. Turns out, she’s as good at manipulating as she is at opening her mouth. He keeps her through the rose ceremony, but this isn’t the last we’ll hear from her this week.

He keeps Amanda (1 on 1), Olivia (group), Lauren H (1 on 1), Becca, Caila, Emily, JoJo, Lauren B, and Leah.

This next week begins with a one on one for Caila as they travel to the Bahamas. While some haven’t had a one on one at all, it’s Caila’s second time with the opportunity. They go deep-sea fishing and have a cute time making out on a boat. In the evening, Ben wants to get to know all Caila’s *~layers~* of which he has none. She tells him she feels like she loves him (is that an ‘I love you’ admission??) but that she’s also scared she’ll hurt him, which is his biggest fear. For a moment, he’s unsure whether he’ll be able to keep her but in the end, she gets the rose and they have a sweet date.

1Lauren B, Becca, Amanda, JoJo, Lauren H, and Leah make it onto the group date, which leaves Olivia and Emily for the two on one. A casual sailing date wouldn’t be enough for a Bachelor episode, so the girls get to feed some pigs. After all of that dies down, everything gets super awkward. Ben goes off with Lauren B for a few minutes, then all the girls start freaking out about being on a group date and the weirdness of Olivia. Leah cries some more, and then they go to the evening drinks moment. Leah and Ben sit down for a little bit and she calls out Lauren B as insincere with Ben. Once Lauren’s back with all the girls, everyone comforts her as Leah openly denies saying anything. Ahhh, drama. After his one on one time with each of the girls and as the awkwardness continues, he gives the rose to a neutral choice of Amanda.

As the girls all discuss Leah’s drama, she goes off to find Ben and explain even more of her issues with Lauren B. After she goes over all this stuff about Lauren B, Ben starts the break up process. He hasn’t felt anything more since the first night, and

2Unsurprisingly, the two on one is set for Olivia and Emily. With the show’s blatant foreshadowing, it seemed pretty obvious it would be Leah from the start, but Emily’s confrontation with Olivia from last episode made it a good bet for drama. Lucky for the producers, the weather matches the tumultuous date. Olivia tells him she loves him and is interested in “intellectual things” and gets validation in the form of a kiss, while Emily starts rambling about how much she wants this to be their starting point as he does her hair, but doesn’t kiss her. He grabs the rose and wanders off with Olivia… but sends her home instead. I guess saying you love someone isn’t always an immediate rose-getter on this show.

Once again, we’re at a rose ceremony. The girls we already know have roses are Caila from her 1 on 1, Amanda from the group date, and Emily from the 2 on 1. Despite sending Leah home, he’s still sending someone home at the rose ceremony and this time he doesn’t even host a cocktail party first. In the end, he gives extra roses out to Becca, JoJo, and Lauren B sending Lauren H home.

Our fantasy pool update is here, and check back on Tuesday for next week’s review!