The Bachelor – “Don’t Blindside Me”

Compared to last week’s exciting episode, this one fell a little flat. The girls were concerned about how far along their connections were compared to others as they traveled to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana.

First up, he pulls Lauren off for a one on one. Driving around his hometown, we hear the sweet and silly story of his first kiss before they end up at the YMCA he used to work at. They play basketball with some kids to lots of oohs and ahhs before some basketball guy shows up from some NBA team with their mascot. There’s a crying kid that Ben sort of tends to which is kind of cute. After that, they go out for drinks at a local dive bar and have a really normal date (minus the NBA stuff). All of the drama Leah tried to stir up is resolved, and now they’re back to being all cute and lovey-dovey.

It’s the week of sports dates clearly, as Ben takes JoJo to the Chicago Cubs baseball field. I don’t know who thought lying in the middle of an empty baseball field or eating dinner at a small table on the side was romantic, but it just seems kind of empty and awkward. They seem to have a pretty good time… but it was kind of boring.

There’s a group date with Amanda, Becca, and Caila where they all battle it out on the farm for the rose and evening portion of the date. I mean, the actual competitions are over and it’s just one on one time while the other girls sit awkwardly in a barn. I’m glad they’ll be ending the group stuff after this week, because it’s just unnecessary by this point. Anyway, Amanda talks about her kids and how excited she is to see them. Ben’s excited too, and really wants to make sure she’s okay with it all. Caila reveals her concerns that she moved so much and doesn’t have a home base like Ben. But Becca… Ah Becca. She’s not feeling it, I guess, because she talks a lot about her uncertainties and how she could really fall for him but she hasn’t received any validation like last season and she doesn’t want to be blindsided if she gets kicked off. She’s *~different~* from the other girls because she doesn’t cry… but just you wait.

Emily has the final one on one of the week, and it’s awkward. They go into his house just like he went into hers, but it’s a surprise for her to meet the parents which would be quite of shocking. She ends up blabbing to his mother and talking about watching movies non-stop to his dad, and Ben quickly realizes he’s not mature enough for him or wife material. He sends her home at the end, sparing her the rose ceremony, and all the girls cry for her. Except Caila, who’s no where to be seen. I thought Becca said she didn’t cry?

Then there’s the rose ceremony. Ben doesn’t know what to do… who does he not see himself marrying? No surprise, it’s the girl that had the most doubts this week that he sends home: Becca. Cue more tears from her, after getting a little angry about why he didn’t sent her home immediately. It really seemed like she was acting up to become the next Bachelorette — heartbroken twice! — but she just isn’t interesting enough to be the next main girl. I’m sure Lauren or Amanda could manage if they don’t win though.

Next up is hometowns! It’ll be interesting to see whether JoJo’s brothers really get as upset as the preview hinted… ahh the drama! Plus, check out our fantasy pool points from this episode here!