Best Documentary Feature

A few of the topics of documentaries this year feel like they’ve been in the public consciousness so much, but we don’t know everything. Amy Winehouse has been talked about so much we feel like we know her, but after Amy you’ll realize just how much you had yet to hear. Of the nominees, it was the big box office success and has the best chance of winning here.

Luckily, Netflix has you covered with three of the nominees this year: Winter on FireWhat Happened Miss Simone, and Cartel Land.

Ukraine’s recent unrest in 2013-14 is detailed in Winter on Fire. RT 95%,

The Look of Silence chooses a personal study of an optician confronting the men who killed his brother in the Indonesian genocide. RT 96%.

The Mexico-America border has a big drug problem which Cartel Land hastens to investigate. RT 90%.

What Happened, Miss Simone? studies the legendary American musician Nina Simone. RT 83%, on Netflix.

Amy follows the short career of Winehouse using archival footage and interviews with those close to her. RT 96%, it’s interesting more for the subject matter than the routine delivery.

  1. Amy
  2. The Look of Silence
  3. Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom
  4. Cartel Land
  5. What Happened, Miss Simone?