Bachelor Ben’s Women Tell All

Fantasy suites were last week. After Ben told Lauren and JoJo that he was in love with them, something he wasn’t supposed to do, Caila was sent home. Personally, I don’t think he wanted to tell JoJo, but producers made him after he said things to Lauren… We shall see, next week during the finale!

Last night was the Women Tell All, and that’s always a can of worms. There were some strange discoveries… so here’s our top five moments from the episode:

  1. Jubilee’s racist remarks. Apparently she went through the house using the N-word, and saying she was the first all-black woman to get as far in the show as she did. That’s a bit of an uncalled for remark, especially when there are interracial girls you’re clearly offending.
  2. Leah was actually hurt by Lauren B. So her comments to Ben weren’t completely unfounded, which is both a relief and a concern. The producers have made sure to edit Lauren B as the perfect girl of the season, and cast of Leah as the mean girl starting rumours. Admittedly, Lauren wasn’t there to explain herself and Leah could be lying to make herself look better… but we’ll never know.
  3. The Lace face tattoo. Some weird guy got a tattoo of her face on his side. Why? It’s even worse than when Kasey got that tattoo for Ali. Because it wasn’t a face. However, Lace will be on Bachelor in Paradise so that should be interesting.
  4. Olivia turned her Bachelor experience into a hashtag. #endbullying. She was emotional, heartfelt, and apologized for her mistakes. She even accepted the mouth-jokes as sometimes funny.
  5. Ben would get married immediately if he could. So whoever he ends up with, he’s pretending/truly SO in love that he wants to get married immediately. But that’s what he’s supposed to say right? Let’s wait a couple weeks and see what comes of them.

Of course, Caila was given a lot of time last night as well. Her time was the usual run-up to a Bachelorette announcement, so it wasn’t too exciting. A lot of emotional questions where she tries to look composed, yet still hurt, and find some little niche that makes women across the country want her to find love. She’s just so young though! I can’t imagine having a Bachelorette almost the same age as me.

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