Bachelor Ben chooses Lauren B, sends JoJo to the Bachelorette

If anybody wasn’t sure about his love for Lauren, they probably weren’t watching the same show as all of us. It was clear he was going to choose her from the moment he immediately said he loved her, and JoJo was along for the producer-caused ride. But the way he got there was pretty interesting… but that doesn’t mean it was the most dramatic season yet.

Anyway, the show started with the girls meeting Ben’s parents. His mum was skeptical of letting go control of her boy, but JoJo seemed to win the family over like Lauren wasn’t able to. I’m sure that’s the main reason he was conflicted throughout the episode.

Ben later goes on a date with Lauren B, sailing and hanging out at a private beach. Due to the intensity of their connection, producers edited everything to seem very dramatic and awkward. Clearly they must not be getting along as well as JoJo and Ben! Admittedly, we saw the most awkward moments, and the journal entries with the most angst and worry, but that’s exactly what happened last year with Kaitlyn and Shawn, and they’re still together. Never trust the edit, guys!

the-bachelor_video_2838285_362x204_1458029887614JoJo’s final date with Ben was much more positive. They went to a beautiful bay, spent time exploring Jamaica in a Jeep, and spent a great deal of time kissing and being happy. Is it bad we were so bored with their ‘good date’ edit that we started talking about JoJo’s boobs? How are they so perky in that bra, but also so real looking? Are we sure they aren’t fake? After all, her mum definitely had lots of work done.

The evening is where it got interesting, though. JoJo’s fears start to rise as she gets closer to the proposal, and she begins wondering about Ben’s relationship with Lauren. If he hadn’t already decided who to keep and who to chuck, this evening with a sobbing girl in a bathroom probably didn’t help matters. Not that guys shouldn’t put up with whiny girls, but when they’re choosing between two they’ll probably pick the one that’s comfortable in her own skin and not showing him that side.

After picking out rings and looking angsty for a few minutes… the moment had arrived: we got to see which girl stepped off the helicopter first. JoJo arrives, reads off her rehearsed speech to Ben, and gets rejected after a long speech. He really did this the worst way possible for the The Bachelor. You can’t get a romantic speech going about how much you love her and how she’s your best friend but you love someone else more… That’s just not good Bachelor behaviour! Of course, she does get to be the next Bachelorette, so maybe it’s worth it. Lauren arrives next, chats with Chris about how nervous she is, and gets her proposal and Final Rose from Ben. They giggle about how happy they are and head into the After The Final Rose, hand in hand (I assume).

Now that ATFR was a messy, awkward experience. I don’t know if I’ve ever cringed for so long on this show before, but the whole Jimmy Kimmel section was uncomfortable and not funny. Then, the “will they get married tonight?” bit fell completely flat when Ben and Lauren acted surprised and tried to find a way out, without blatantly saying no. Who would give up the extravagant wedding Bachelor Nation provides for this shoddy performance? Not me, that’s for sure.

What do you do with 10 minutes of extra air-time, after the newly-revealed couple rejects an immediate live-show marriage? You bring up all the family members on stage, and try to interview them about whether they like the match. But, you don’t bring out JoJo, the new Bachelorette, because that would just be awkward.

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