The Belfry starts Spark Fest off with the dark and intense Iceland

A short, personal look at capitalism and the banking crisis inspires a confrontation between a real estate agent, a tenant, and a prostitute in Iceland, the Belfry’s first SPARK Festival play of the season.

Nicolas Billon wrote an exquisitely humanizing portrait of three uniquely flawed characters, directed by Ravi Jain. The barren set only helped to elevate the tightly focused performances and inspire a great intensity in their stories.

Kawa Ada captivates as a real estate agent and self-proclaimed Capitalist. The character’s insights are shocking, and Ada played well to the audiences reactions. Although her character seemed largely superfluous for much of the performance, Christine Horne as the prostitute was captivating and a wonderful start to the production. Shannon Currie filled out the cast, as the quirky and Christian displaced tenant.

This interconnected monologue production reminded me of the wonderful Terminus, a SPARK Festival entry from 2014. Iceland is at the Belfry until Saturday March 19 along with Huff, for more information and tickets check out