Drama Queen Alex confronts Chad about his ‘Honesty’

Last week, 26 men showed up to compete for JoJo’s heart and she gave the first impression rose to Jordan the Footballer. This is the first week of dates, and the male macho-drama really gets going.

Immediately, Chad is whinging about all the other men and showing his awful, true colours. All the guys from the first date are the ‘B team’ because he’s better then them – of course. Then he uses his luggage as a weight belt for chin-ups, because why not? The embarrassing Canadian Daniel started bonding with Chad about “dude protein shakes”… It’s like a weird, confusing bromance. It’s like they’re on the same crazy page.

The first group date has Luke, Grant, Will, Evan, Daniel, Vinny, Ali, James F, Wells, and Robby for a firefighter competition.Wells almost passed out, but that gave him some extra 1 on 1 time, as per usual. Don’t the guys know that if they fake an injury, they’ll get time with the girl? Luke, Grant, and Wells all make it to the final competition, but unsurprisingly, the firefighter wins the challenge. At least we got to see lots of hot men fulfilling the firefighter fantasy. Could Luke be any cuter?

Grant makes a point to tell JoJo he’s super affectionate because he may not return after a day of work. She seemed a little shocked after that. After his ‘almost death’ during the competition, Wells had a good moment with her in the evening and pulled out photos of his life, indicating more of a connection then we’d previously seen from them. When she finally sits down with Luke she’s all over him, and asking some of the serious questions pretty early on for group dates. They get some romantic balcony makeout time but he loses out to Wells for the rose. Seems like he might last a while.

The men at home during the first date all plan a cute song to perform for JoJo when she comes back, but Chad is his usual spoil-sport self judging them for it. Another date card arrives soon after, and Derek pulls out the 1 on 1. Who’s Derek again? Turns out he’s a smiley John Krasinski lookalike. They go for a choose-your-own-adventure style date ending up in San Francisco for the first picnic of the season. By the end of their dinner date, this Derek guy was really growing on me.

362x204-q100_4e186b49a2e9fdf4663e3be95364c11eJordan, Christian, Nick, James T, Alex, and Chad end up on the second group date of the season, leaving out Chase, James S, and Brandon. They go to the ESPN studios and suddenly we’re getting a Bachelor-nation super-goofy competition. OH the awkward proposals, but then Chad makes it worse by calling her naggy and taking the silly competition and ‘press conference’ really seriously. He’s certainly honest, but also unaware that this is a TV show, and their date was basically a talent contest proving whether they could take a joke or not. Sure, the guys aren’t actually in love with her yet… but couldn’t he have played his honesty off better?

Chad is so snarky about everyone. Was he put on this show for his commentary skills? He keeps talking about the lack of everyone else’s relationship experience… but what is he saying about himself? His last relationship was 4 years ago, because he’s been working so much to provide for a future wife. He’s clearly playing her, but I don’t know exactly what his angle is yet… next Bachelor perhaps? His honest persona validates the way he describes his building feelings for JoJo and makes them sound more real, and less scripted but I’m not sure.

After losing the group rose to James T, he meets JoJo as she gets gets out of the limo and is definitely beginning to win her over. That stunt makes all the guy gang up on him for a really weak ‘confrontation’. After Alex’s drama queen stunt, the confrontation ended up pretty lame. Also, why is Chad constantly eating? And why is lunch meat he food of choice?

Roses: Wells (group), Derek (1on1), James T (group), Alex, Christian, Robby, Luke, Chase, Jordan, Grant, Ali, Daniel, James F, Nick, Vinny, Evan, and Chad. The producers can’t let asshole ‘honest’ Chad go, that’ll make the entire season too bland.

Unfortunately, that kicks of Bachelor Superfan James S, hipster Brandon, and Will. None of which were a big loss, I don’t even remember seeing them much.

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