Evan VS Chad: The Bachelorette deals with angergasms, sex talks, and retro dates

Last week, Chad’s feud with the rest of the men began while his honesty intrigued her.

giphyChase gets the first one on one of the week, and the date card says “let’s get physical.” He didn’t have any dates last week, so it’s nice that he’ll get one here… but why does he have to get the stupid ‘angergasm’ date? That blatant lie was just uncalled for… These yoga/massage/weird dates are always so awkward. I know the instructors always think this will bolster their practice, but I know I certainly never want to attend a yoga studio like that. JoJo later surprises us all by announcing she is attracted to Chase. Because normally on this show, you keep guys around when they’re unattractive. The producers wouldn’t have put someone like Evan on this date, they need someone with abs and muscles who they can show off. *look at what fine men we get on here*

Chase opens up about his parents divorce in the evening and then…they go outside for a concert. Why do we need to continue this segment? Most people don’t know the artist, I’m sure the JoJo and Chase don’t even know them either. It’s become really boring, since it’s so common each season.

At the mansion, Chad and Daniel are getting their weird gym-bromance on again. The grunting was definitely a bit much, but Evan’s complaints just sounded like jealousy.

Jordan, Grant, Wells, James F, Christian, Ali, Daniel, Vinny, Nick, Evan, Alex, and Chad all get the group date, which insights a lot of frustrations from Chad. He makes this big show of not wanting to go when there’s twelve guys, despite the obvious fact that he’ll end up going. “You know that’s what this is, right?” I’m happy someone (Jordan) finally reminded Chad he’s on the Bachelorette, and a big part of this show is group dates. He can’t just assume special treatment because of… the lack of an impressive connection with JoJo? Evan really has it out for Chad, but so far he’s quickly backed down once Chad notices. Luckily for him, Alex is a bro and doesn’t waste a minute ganging up with Jordan to announce he isn’t scared of the taller man.

362x204-q100_a7bcfd9bba0cca5989114e33d807fb91Once on the date, they arrive to a theatre where a woman makes sex noises that Vinny has never heard before… As the men discover they not just watching a ‘sex talks’ storytelling show, but they’re performing with their OWN stories, things get a little wild. All the guys are having a couple drinks and figuring out what stories to tell… and Chad has to ruin it. He isn’t taking a joke or having a good time because JoJo “hasn’t earned that yet.” Help me out though, when do you earn a funny story? I’m honestly curious.While Chad doesn’t want to tell a story, Evan picks this as his battle ground. Not all the men are great storytellers, but some are able to pull out a few laughs. Daniel’s hair cutting story was quite weird, admittedly. Why is he here? When we finally get to Evan’s story, he’s telling a “cautionary tale about steroids”. I think the best part of the story is actually how intense Alex got into it, he was like a kid in a candy store. Chad can’t even contain his anger about this long enough to hide it from JoJo, instead he immediately pulls Evan by the shirt as he went to hug her. He’s clearly an aggressive guy, and quickly crashes and burns. Ahh, this is so fantastic.

362x204-q100_8f1f0c4246b07a01f929bd47bd866dc8Even Chad’s gym-bro Daniel isn’t defending him (not that he ever stepped in on Chad’s side before), but when Chad starts punching doors and threatening Evan it’s a bit too much. They must have called in extra security for this evening, right? Jordan gets the first one on one time with JoJo and continues opening up to her about his insecurities. I like that’s he seems so comfortable in this situation so far, and that he’s opening up to her so early on. Unfortunately, the Chad drama isn’t over. He winds up getting drunk in the evening, and starts talking to himself about the other men. Despite Evan’s ultimatum for JoJo, he ends up with the rose. It’s so weird that he’s growing on me… I really don’t like him that much but he seems so genuine. His smile and exuberance is infectious. It comes crashing down when JoJo explains why she gave Evan the rose though, because Chad was unable to contain his facial expressions like the rest of the men usually do. He interrupts her and starts showing his true self to JoJo, then gets really aggressive in his journal.

I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be, living in the mansion and possibly sleeping in the same room as Chad. He’s clearly a time bomb waiting to go off. Daniel seems really unsure what to do with Chad, . We’re back to the crazy conversations, but instead of protein shakes it’s Hitler/Mussolini or Trump/Bush comparisons.

JAMES T., JOJO FLETCHERJoJo meets James T for their retro one on one to dance and take some old school photos. She seems really preoccupied throughout the date. They don’t seem to have much chemistry, even as their opening up. Maybe it’s because he’s so focused on his singing… I like him, and she seems interested, but I just don’t see them together.

Roses: Chase (1on1), Evan (group), James T (1on1), *to be continued*

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