Evan VS Chad: Round Two – The Bachelorette deals with blood and drama

Last episode saw the ramping up of Chad’s fight against the world (or: the men competing for JoJo’s heart). Chris Harrison announced they would have a pool party instead of the usual cocktail hour, and Evan followed him out to explain Chad’s threats. Obviously, Chris would have already known all of this, especially with security in the house, but we needed it on camera. After discussing it with Chad, Chris leaves and Chad makes his usual violent death threats against all the men in the house.

As this episode starts up, Chad tries to “make amends” as Evan went on about his ripped shirt. Honestly, a ripped shirt is the least of Evan’s worries. JoJo proves to be completely oblivious, assuming a security guard means “some tension.” In other pool party news, why did Chad decide to oil himself up so much? Everyone noticed, and JoJo even commented on it, but none of it sounded like compliments… After a few more people explain their problems with Chad, he goes off on Derek and they have some words before moving onto the rose ceremony.

Roses: Chase (1on1), Evan (group), James T (1on1), Grant, Derek, Jordan, Luke, Robby, Wells, James F, Vinny, Daniel, Alex, and Chad. Because we really needed to keep him around for another episode of drama. He must be getting paid to stir up this level of drama. JoJo can’t actually want him there, right?

Everyone heads out to Pennsylvania for the first week of travel dates. Can we stop pretending to be shocked about leaving the mansion? It happens every season, and we all know when it starts. Plus, the running around a hotel suite like little kids bit it so overdone. Sure, it’s a nice place. Let’s just show it off in a couple quick shots and move on. We don’t need someone talking about the “manly hotel suite” when they’re really just acting like boys in it.

1465401485328Luke finally gets the one on one I’ve been waiting for, and he looks GOOD. They go dog sledding in the snow-less woods. At least they made it work, despite the weather issues. I want her bikini stylist, because every time they go on hot tub dates, she’s found some adorable pieces. Luke chopped some firewood for their hot tub, and then we finally have a ‘real’ moment this season. JoJo swears and slowly eases in when it’s too hot, while Luke kind of laughed at her. It was sweet. In the evening, he started opening up about his army career and proving he really has some emotional depth behind him, which easily got him the rose.

Derek, James T, Daniel, Chase, Wells, Vinny, James F, Evan, Grant, Jordan, and Robby went on a football competition date which got pretty brutal. I assumed Jordan would immediately win, being the ex-pro-football player, but they made him the quarterback for both teams. That seems a little weird, but oh well. There’s a clear underdog team with Evan and James T, the bloodied men, but they still end up winning. JoJo keeps getting weird feelings about Jordan (who has been called a player, off show) since he wasn’t opening up, but suddenly he announces he’s falling in love with her and gets the group date rose for his trouble.

bachelroetteAfter some more tension in the house before Chad and Alex’s two on one date, they get to their awkward competition for a rose. Normally these are a little uncomfortable as they try to have some feuding people on here, but this date has come a lot quicker than normal this season because Chad’s drama can’t last much longer. After some awkward silences, Alex and JoJo head off to talk Chad’s death threats (and weird “I’ll find you after the show” threats to Jordan). I’m sure that’s not all they talked about, but for a two on one it’s all that matters. After JoJo finally understands what the men have been saying the past couple weeks, she confronts Chad and gets a really mixed response. It’s like he’s no longer able to lie to her, because he starts stumbles over his words. Trying to figure out how to explain the threats (he was never backed into a corner, come on) and downplay his violent nature to JoJo, while clearly hating the men and feeling really aggressive towards them as he talks with her… that’s a hard line to tread.

After he walks back over to Alex, they start spouting some odd phrases like “hay is in the barn” and “pigs are in the castle” …like what is that? What does that mean? I know they’re trying to say everything is done, and it’s up to JoJo now, but it’s like the protein shake conversation all over again! In the end, JoJo gives Alex the rose and walks off for more of a ‘hike’ with him while Chad is left fuming.

Roses: Luke (1on1), Jordan (group), Alex (2on1)… Finally the angry Chad-bear doesn’t have a rose, but it looks like he isn’t done yet! Previews for next week show him coming back to confront the men.

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