The Bachelorette visits Uruguay and spontaneously goes on dates

Last week Chad finally got sent home, but he isn’t done yet. As the men all celebrate back at their hotel and empty some protein powder in his honour, Chad arrives for his dramatic exit. Which, honestly? Wasn’t that dramatic. He just spoke with Jordan and tried to intimidate him with a handshake. Ooh, scary! Back to JoJo’s date with Alex, they kiss and have a fun time. I know he’s short but I think they actually work really well together.

With Chad gone, all the other men are fighting for the alpha dog spot. Look at Jordan! Look at Alex! And Luke too! They’re all starting to get intense and competitive with each other, leading Evan to realize he needs to create a new Chad to gang up against. Men start pulling out all the stops as well: James F has a poem, Chase has a weird plastic zorb ball thing?, Luke says he’s falling for JoJo, and Jordan makes out with her very close to the rest of the men.

Roses: Luke (1on1), Jordan (group), Alex (2on1), Derek, Robby, Chase, Wells, Grant, Vinny, James T, and Evan. That means Daniel and James F (who turned her off with the poem, I guess) are gone. Why would you keep Vinny with the awful hair and kick off them? Ugh!

With Chad gone, we’re now officially into the romantic love-finding part of the series, with maybe a few more dramatic reveals when men aren’t there for the right reasons.They fly off to Uruguay in South America and Vinny wears a yellow fedora. Why why why?

Jordan gets a one on one, and suddenly Wells is ranting in his journals. Aaaand now we get the Jordan-angst, as the men find gossip mags that tell all about JoJo’s ex. Is Vinny on this show just so they don’t have to pay a hair stylist? Like why would the men allow him to do their hair when his is so awful… I just don’t get it. Anyway, the journal reveal is an emotional wreck for JoJo and really not that big of a deal for audiences. It’s a bit too personal of an issue for me to really connect with, I think. She immediately goes down to talk with them and cries a lot, then suddenly all the men have changed their minds and are on her side. What happened to getting all upset about it? Clearly they can’t be

Robby and Jordan have a spa day as the rest of the men head out on a windy, sandy group date as they “sand-board” down a hill. Unfortunately, everyone talks about Chad

Alex kicks off some new drama with Derek, because Alex wants all the attention. He has to prove he’s real – and not texting her? Or something. Suddenly he’s become the next Chad. Robby has the last 1on1 of the week, and they “spontaneously” go cliff diving. How can JoJo show Robby all the culture, when she’s probably never been to South America before. And who brings a bathing suit and swim shoes just in case something like that pops up? Since when is Robby an Olympic swimmer? I feel like I missed that reveal, but I’m definitely not upset about that. Certainly didn’t miss him telling her he loved her when it is SO early into the show for that… Jeez these guys are moving fast!

After this “difficult and emotional week” there’s no cocktail party. Ah, I love when all the men are scared and nervous. Roses: Jordan (1on1), Derek (group), Robby (1on1), Luke, Chase, Alex, James, and Wells. And then all the leaving men cry, because they need those couple extra seconds of screen time. Have I turned really sour, really quickly on this show? It’s just that so much of it seems really staged.

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