Random Netflix Movie Night – Red

RED follows Bruce Willis and a group of retired, and extremely dangerous ex-CIA spies, including Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Their adventures take them to Russian embassies, secret file rooms in CIA headquarters, and to presidential events as they uncover a long-hidden plot in a Guatemalan town.

Willis also has a much younger love interest (Mary-Louise Parker), who he initially abducts. All for her own good of course, because bad guys are coming after the woman he loves. Ha.Ha. Ha. Of course, that’s supposed to be funny but isn’t the damsel in distress played out? They do try to turn it around. Parker is given a larger role than most damsels, and gains strength as she learns more about this ex-CIA operative world.

Karl Urban is a fun villain for most of the movie, but he could have done a lot more with a bigger role that actually utilized his acting chops. Ultimately, the movie is about the group of old school spies, and not the new enemy, but it’s still a shame to waste such an entertaining actor.

Overall, this movie is a lot of fun. Not as great as the Expendables movies, because there’s only one old-school action hero in RED and they can’t play on each actor’s filmography in the same way, but it has fun potential.

RED is on Netflix and other streaming services.