The Bachelorette has a first kiss and second 2on1


Last week, the group went to Uruguay and discovered one of JoJo’s ex-boyfriends isn’t happy with her. Funny he had the same name of this season’s villain… and then the men started picking fights with each other as they all tried to become the alpha.

After jetting off to Buenos Aires, JoJo worries with Chris Harrison that she might fall in love with two men. Because that’s somehow a very uncommon problem for this show or something. Also, why is she saying Buenos Aires so weirdly? I understand she’s trying to pronounce it properly, but it’s coming out really stilted.

Wells gets the one on one, because it’s his time to go home. It’s always fun to see someone sent home on the date every once in a while, and there’s been no developments with him and JoJo since the fireman date. He hasn’t even kissed her yet! As the producers edit the awkward parts of the date together and overlay it with the other men talking about how nervous Wells is, and how much pressure there is on the first kiss, Wells seems to be crumbling. There have been lots of ‘perfect’ opportunities for making out all season, so I’m not surprised that JoJo cheers when he finally kisses her. Of course, she could have kissed him first too, but maybe it’s in her contract that she has to wait on the awkward guy to make the first move.

After the most awkward date this season, she sends Wells home. He seems not to believe in love, or at least not how she talks about it with unicorns and fairy tales. Almost more uncomfortable than their awful date, is JoJo’s contractually obligated appearance at their after-dinner location. She went to a weird performance art-rave and tried to look sad about losing someone she probably didn’t care that much about yet.

JoJo goes to – with Luke, Robby, Jordan, James, and Alex. Everyone seems to be having a fun time, enjoying the outdoor markets, as James suddenly goes into this nervous downward spiral. He’s realized he isn’t the alpha, and is very different from the rest of the attractive, athletic men on this date. Maybe… he isn’t her type! And then the locals decided – entirely unprompted – that the men should play a penalty kickoff for a kiss. What a brand new idea! James wins the kiss and gains a bit of confidence back, but then loses it once darkness falls.

He spends his whole time talking about Jordan Rodgers the celebrity personality, which is really a waste. I really wish she was interested in him, but from their one on one time she never seems as engaged and interested as James. Shame. In the end, she picks Luke as a safe choice for the rose because Jordan’s reaction to the entitlement question was a bit too angry.

For the first time, we have a second two on one date to really screw with the men’s stress levels. Chase started getting all nervous and “betrayed” by JoJo putting him on that date, while Derek was happy to have the chance with more time and the ability to send someone home. They’re very different attitudes, and only one will come off well to JoJo. Her track record with Chad makes it seem like she’d fall for Derek’s cockiness, but luckily that’s not the case.

We finally have a good 2 on 1, where there’s an actual date before the awkwardness ensues. They all learn a tango together about a woman who can’t decide between two men (how inventive). Although Chase and JoJo have a rocky start when they weren’t on the same page, they figure it out and he gets the rose. As Derek drives away in the sadmobile, he tries hard to pretend he isn’t crying and calls himself imperfect. Aw, what a stoic man.

Roses: Luke (group), Chase (2on1), Robby, Jordan, Alex, and James. So nobody ended up going home at the rose ceremony, which made James happy and Alex frustrated. Should be interesting next week!

There’s an all new, very exciting episode next week apparently… Want to take a guess at who causes that drama? Let us know who you think will win JoJo’s heart in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The Bachelorette has a first kiss and second 2on1

  1. I actually thought Wells came across as mature and thoughtful while JoJo’s emphasis on “fairy tale true love with unicorns” (wtf with the unicorns?) was totally immature. As evidenced by her behavior with Luke, she seems uninterested in anyone’s real personality or whether they are compatible, have similar life goals, etc. – she’s blinded by physical attraction and whether she wants to get it on with someone. Even though I thought Luke’s weird monologue was a rambling mess of boredom, JoJo wasn’t even pretending to listen – all she wanted was to get her make out on.

    • LaurenC

      I agree with a lot of what you said here!
      Wells definitely seemed quite mature when he got sent home – I was quite impressed with how he handled it. I definitely don’t get the unicorns thing either.
      As for Luke… he’s so dumb. I don’t know if I could handle any more of him (like a whole show).
      Admittedly I was never very fond of JoJo to begin with, but she’s fallen into the issue of being like many other bachelorettes that focus way too much on looks and passion and not on who would actually be ‘marriage material’.
      This week my recap seemed to focus more on how the producers/etc were trying to frame everything, instead of what was the “reality” of it, I guess. Thanks for commenting! I’d definitely like to chat more about the show :)

      • I agree that the producers’ hands on every “twist” was much too evident this week and allowed little of anyone’s personality to come through in their pursuit of the story they were telling.

        I have never watched the show before JoJo, so I have no comparison – but I feel like watching JoJo assess the men is watching a train wreck in slow motion. We all know that she’s going to choose based on passion and when the initial “can’t keep my hands off you” phase ends, she’s going to left with either a self-absorbed fame seeker (Jordan) or an inarticulate idiot (Luke).

        Regardless of who she picks, it will be done within a month or two of their final episode.

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