The Bachelorette tries to become a gaucho, and chooses her hometown men

Chris arrives to get the men’s reactions from last week’s episode, when she kept both Alex and James instead of choosing between them. Once again, the date setup has changed this week so one on ones don’t come with roses. Ahh, even more rose ceremony pressure! Why is anyone surprised though? This happens every year.

Alex finally gets his one on one so he no longer has anything to bitch about. Of course, this is the week before home towns so we’ll get lots of “can this relationship make it” conversations and “what is your family like” questions. Alex and JoJo are road tripping to their new destination for their date and it’s just a little awkward. Initially they’re goofing around and chatting but quickly it becomes silence as her voice-over talks about a lack of romance.

Does he have what it takes to be an Argentinian gaucho? I have to say it, I think he’s too short for that. Why is JoJo wearing black suede boots on a ranch? Those must have been ruined afterwards. And then she’s getting on a horse with heels on. It’s just all so unpractical. Is it weird that the men’s bus-trip looks more fun than her date with Alex? They’re drinking on a bus, rapping (much better than Alex did), and eating weird side-of-the-road meat.Plus, when Alex told JoJo he was falling in love with her, she did not look happy. Ouch. In the end, he gets sent home on the date and immediately disconnects from her. I know JoJo may want him to stay super friendly and happy with her after she breaks up with him, but that’s just not reality.

Since Chad left, everyone has been really tense about Jordan’s clear front-runner status. They’ve been lobbing attacks at him each week about his entitlement issues, but so far he’s handled them pretty well. Jordan jets off to Mendoza with JoJo for a day of wine drinking. When they begin the family conversation, we finally learn more about Aaron the footballer and Jordan the ex-footballer: they’re estranged. I’m so glad he won’t be there to upstage everything else next week.

Chase, James, Robby start their group date with a fun slumber party date. Why couldn’t they have more dates like this? James being an idiot and stuffing french fries in his mouth, Robby streaking down the halls of the hotel, and everybody curled up on the bed watching TV together. Aww.

Luke nabbed the final one on one before hometowns, and they’re off riding horses and shooting guns. Definitely in his element for this one. I hate to say it, but I was right there with JoJo when she hit her shot and got all excited.

Roses: Robby (group), Luke, Jordan, and Chase. Unfortunately, I’ve been predicting James’ rejection for a while now. The one part of this show I can’t shake is the reactions people have to getting sent home. Some of them come off sounding so gentlemanly and incredible, despite being so hurt. And James is definitely one man who fits that description to a T. He wishes her the best, he wonders what will be next for him, and he manages to be both stoic and emotional.

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