The Bachelorette meets the families, and doesn’t know who to send home

Last week, Alex and James T were sent home (unsurprisingly) and JoJo decided to go to the home towns of Jordan, Luke, Chase, and Robby.

First up, JoJo heads to Colorado for a date with Chase. He’s adorably excited, and is finally opening up with her and his family. When his dad shows up, Chase flips the tables and starts asking him about why his parents got divorced. Really, JoJo was unnecessary in that conversation. And did anyone else notice how similar his place looked to JoJo’s from last season? When she goes to his mom’s and meets the whole family everyone seems really open with her, but guarded in their emotions. She’s so nervous, her heart is beating. Not quickly, just beating. Good thing she’s alive, I guess.

He finally says he’s falling in love with her, and it’s this really cute, tender moment for him… but I just didn’t feel it with her and that’s so devastating. Despite the boredom that might come from it, Chase would be a really good Bachelor (take note producers). He’s suddenly getting emotional, and he has the big dramatic family divorce looming over him. It’s the perfect recipe for a love story next season.

Jordan is up next in California, and JoJo is excited about the deer. You know, we’ve done the high school visit before? They get the requisite “I was a high school football star” moment with his coach, and then they make out all through his school. It’s actually pretty cute that he never had a high school sweetheart. They immediately get a few laughs in, but then it gets a little awkward. As JoJo investigates the Aaron Rodgers drama, she ruffles some feathers in the family. That’s really not the way to get in with a boyfriend’s family, just FYI. Normally, I wouldn’t expect Jordan to be the guy with strong communication skills, but between him and JoJo he’s definitely won that prize pretty easily. As the night ends, JoJo starts getting concerned Jordan is going to take everything back like Ben did… but she’s not going to explain those fears? That’s just going to alienate Jordan, nothing else.

In Florida, JoJo meets up with Robby who’s expecting the big L-bomb to be dropped by her. I’m sorry, but he’s going to be disappointed. He gives her a tour of town on a horse drawn carriage, then the drama begins. JoJo starts in on the questions about his last relationship and whether she’s just a rebound, and although he initially assuages her concerns it’s not over. They sit down for the usual toast at a dinner table (with a dinner that looked really good), before she starts asking everyone about his ex. Honestly, the story of his ex’s roommate telling lies is really unbelievable, but Robby also seems so concerned and truthful in the way he’s explaining all of it away.

Last up is Texas and Luke, who’s hoping to finally tell JoJo he’s in love with her. She shows up to this big BBQ with about 50 people, and… does he not realize how stressful that would be for her? Especially as he didn’t mention it beforehand, jeez! She holds her own and everyone seems to love her, so it ends up pretty good for her. I know I’ve said he sounds dumb the past few weeks, but maybe that was because he’d been drinking or something? On this date he sounds so much better, and exactly what I loved from the first night. Only problem? Luke still hasn’t said he loves her. He brings her to this super romantic spot in a field with rose petals in the shape of a heart to watch the sunset. He gets so close, talking about the future and how she has his heart… but he doesn’t actually say the words. If he’s the next Bachelor, can I apply for his season?

Back in LA, everyone meets up at an airport to find out who will continue on to -, and who will go back empty handed to their families. Just as she’s about to start handing out the roses (after announcing in a journal that she’ll have to send Luke home), he pulls her aside to finally say he’s in love with her. That kind of screws up her plans though, so what will she do now?

So we don’t get to find out who she sends home until next week, but what do you think is going to happen? And who do you think will be the next Bachelor? Answer our poll, then let us know why in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “The Bachelorette meets the families, and doesn’t know who to send home

  1. I found her insistence on bringing up the Aaron drama really ridiculous. She seemed completely blase about Chase’s divorce drama but would NOT let the Aaron stuff go. Plus, i don’t believe Jordan never had a GF in HS – I think he was a player and is playing it up to JoJo. I think Robbie is a loon. The only one with whom I could get on board is Luke – I think he was the most reasonable one. I also think her rose ceremony drama was crazy – she’s still going to send Luke home. Though I don’t understand why since I think Chase’s personality is completely boring.

    1. I could totally see Jordan being the single in HS guy, who came into his own in college and became a player then. Either way: definitely a player. It’s so obvious she’ll end up with him though.
      Chase is definitely way too boring for TV, but maybe in person he’s a bit more interesting.
      I’m really into Luke. I don’t know what it is, but he seems the most genuine I guess?

      1. I agree about Luke. I find his long monologues confusing sometimes but I think he was probably one of the most sincere, just like James T., who was a true gentleman. It’s obvious JoJo is attracted the men who are just bad for her.

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