The Bachelorette loves two men and makes a difficult decision

Last week, JoJo met all the men’s families and Luke finally told her he’s in love with her at the rose ceremony. But is it too late?

Roses:  Jordan, Robby, and Chase. It’s so obvious JoJo will have the “did I make a mistake” confessional at some point next episode, but Luke initially seems so detached compared to her over-the-top reaction. It seems so clear that he’s going to be the next Bachelor from how they set up his departure – he thought she knew from his actions and their looks… but she needed to hear the words. And are all the other men just really chill about this how much she’s crying? I know we’re past the male-feud portion of the season, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t still be concerned about how upset she is…

The fantasy suite week moves all the men to the fantastic location of Thailand. She meets up with Robby to explore a market, try local cuisine, and get a massage during a downpour. She seems so conflicted about feelings of love: she sent Luke home because he said the words too late, but she’s concerned about Robby because he spoke too soon? She needs to make up her mind whether she’ll reference the previous season or focus on this one. I may be a bit critical, but you know what’s really sweet? Robby calling her Joelle in his confessional.

Jordan is up next and he has plans to find out how JoJo feels after hometowns. They hike a mountain and explore a cave to find a temple, because isn’t it more fun when the couple can’t kiss on their date? In the evening they discuss some more serious topics about the future, like where Jordan sees himself in the next year. How can you get this far on a show like this and not have an answer to that question? Even if it’s a lie and your scheming your way to the finale, you have to know that’ll come up at some point! It just looks bad for Jordan because he can’t give JoJo anything. In the end he still wins her over again when he explains why he knows he’s in love with her. Did I hear Jordan wrong in the morning-after, or did he say “I love you” means more after what JoJo said last night? Has she broken her own rule of not telling the men she loves them?

“That makes me happy” seems to be JoJo’s way of saying I love you back. Whenever the men say they love her or make some romantic declaration, that’s her go to response. And who didn’t she say that to? Chase. Awkward. As he tells us all about his love for JoJo, Robby shows up to remind her of the other men she already loves, and then she goes on to the fantasy suite with Chase. We get so much of his thoughts, but almost nothing from her on the date or in journals. We’re supposed to believe she might actually be falling for him, of course, and if she sounds too bored and scripted when talking about him that’s no good.

When Chase finally says he loves her…she’s silent. It doesn’t make her so happy, it just leads to him rambling while she figures out how to break it off. She walks off to figure stuff out, and then returns to explain that she’s not in love with him. His reaction is honest and angry, but it’s getting a little tiring to have the guys take care of her after she breaks up with them.

At the rose ceremony, JoJo explains her choice to send home Chase when he arrives to change how they ended things. I guess he realized he has no Bachelor chances with the angry ending he’d previously left on. After crying about not falling in love with him, she hands out roses to both Jordan and Robby.

So who do you think she’ll end up with? Let us know in the comments and tweet along with @reviewsbylauren during the 3 hour finale!

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