The Bachelorette Men Tell All:

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for: the Men Tell All! Always an entertaining one, as she must confront all her rejects and pretend to care deeply about all of them — and honestly, does she even remember all their names?

Of course this season, the biggest excitement has nothing to do with JoJo but with Chad. Will Evan finally get his money back for that ripped shirt? How many other men does Alex pick on? What will Luke say to JoJo, and how many times will Chase ask her the same question?

Derek and Alex’s minor confrontation in one episode started off the episode, and turned into an analysis of men post-war. Suddenly Derek and Wells are claiming that his continual search for fights is due to war, but Luke steps in and eloquently explains how the fight or flight mentality manifests differently for different people after such an experience. I’m so glad we’re back to Luke sounding poised and intelligent, especially when Alex comes off the exact opposite.

Can we stop with the really staged and ridiculous Chad memes? He doesn’t need to bring food with him everywhere, we don’t need clips of the security guards, and the all-black outfit is completely ridiculous. We get it, you’re the enemy of the season. Apparently he’s been dating Grant and Robby’s exes, and doesn’t regret or apologize for anything. Overall the men have come off so poorly during this whole Chad section, but when JoJo shows up she immediately shuts it down. He’s living for this attention, so why not stop giving him any? At least until Bachelor in Paradise…

After that, Luke and Chase take the hot seat (separately) to go over their heartbreaking break ups with JoJo. Luke still loves her, but learned to love again through her – and he’s ready to try again. I can already see the Bachelor season preview! Does that mean he would be very open about falling in love with girls, kind of the opposite of JoJo? How interesting! When JoJo arrives, Chase joins her on the couch to once again go over his fantasy suite rejection. Honestly, there’s nothing she can add to this story.

And along with a preview for tomorrow’s finale, we also finally get a preview of Bachelor in Paradise… and let me just say, I cannot wait. That sounds like so much drama, and like such a mess. It’s going to be such a blissful end-of-summer.

Are you ready for tonight’s finale episode? Who will JoJo choose! I’ll be tweeting along @reviewsbylauren, so follow along and join in the conversation! But I have to ask… Who do you think will be the next Bachelor?