The Bachelorette picks Jordan, and reveals they’re moving in together during After the Final Rose

Last week JoJo narrowed it down to Robby and Jordan for her happily ever after, and tonight she finally decides who her “forever love” should be.

Jordan gets to meet her parents first and starts off with silly hats for everyone. Her mum immediately sees through that, and realizes he’s a player: big shocker. That’s not a good thing for your mum to tell you, but then JoJo seems to ignore anything that isn’t positive. Her family is really concerned about her previous trust issues, but during his chats with her parents it sinks in that Robby is there too. He’s starting to lose confidence, and ends up not asking her dad for permission to marry her, which is very important to JoJo. Honestly it’s such an outdated concept, why do we have to focus on that each season?

Robby is up next and he immediately jumps into the serious questions. Although JoJo was focused on her dad’s approval, Robby makes sure to include her mum as well. This is probably one of the most thoughtful ways to do this moment, and he sounds so heartfelt as he basically says his vows to them. It’s definitely turning me around on Robby and wishing he would the final choice for JoJo. After the brothers were really skeptical of Ben last season, that’s the most anticipated part of these family moments and… they really let me down. They’re pro-Robby, but didn’t have anything bad to say about Jordan or the show either.

Her family definitely wants her to pick husband-material Robby. Jordan is great but he’s not the serious, family-man, planner like Robby. Jordan is more likely to break her heart, and honestly she seems so conflicted. How can either man, after seeing how torn she is, really be happy with her choice in the end?

Onto the final date with each man, and there’s serious conversations to have with each. JoJo (or Jo, or Joelle, or any of the other cute names Robby calls her) has questions about what he imagines for their life together… and he has a very detailed image. Including the sauvignon blanc wine and burnt meatloaf dinner. But all that’s a little too real right? It’s so much more of a life, and not just the immediate idea of a hot, passionate man that’s looking for fame.

Speaking of Jordan, his final date is full of questions. Is he really ready to propose? He didn’t ask her dad for his approval, which she’s obsessed with, and their final date together was marred by that omission. He doesn’t want to propose until he knows how JoJo feels, but somehow she just doesn’t get that. It’s one of the easiest things to understand: there’s another man in the picture, he doesn’t want to get embarrassed by the very public finale break up. Constantly doubting the man you’re in love with is not a good sign. If it wasn’t obvious she was picking Jordan from the way this whole season has played out, this drama would make me pick Robby.

And then it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Neil Lang, the proposals. She has a moment of clarity, and then has a panic attack about the choice she’s about to make. Sure. Robby is on the beach first, so he’s getting dumped. I never thought I would be so pained for him, but his belief in their love is so strong and her break-up skills are embarrassingly bad. Is she contractually obligated to make it as painful as possible? You don’t need to let him go through his whole proposal speech, and then finally saying you’ve fallen for him. How is that any better than what Ben did to JoJo?

Luckily, what JoJo needs to get over that breakup is a proposal from her better, hotter, playboy boyfriend Jordan! Chris Harrison tries to make us doubt whether or not he’ll propose… but he isn’t Juan Pablo levels of playboy, so of course there’s a proposal. Before he walks down the beach, he calls both her parents to finally ask for permission. Then he has a hard time picking out the ring, and he chooses a more understated one (for the show). His journals are doubtful and focusing on the bad what-ifs, but he seems unbelievably confident in front of her. The speech sounds natural coming out of his mouth, and his glee when she finally said she loved him seemed so sincere. I guess there’s a first time for everything right?

But that’s not it, JoJo still has to face Robby again, and come out as an official couple in public with Jordan!

I think it’s safe to say, Robby has all the feels about JoJo. It seems like she was just adding insult to injury with all his questions. They weren’t compatible long-term,

Who should be the next Bachelor? JoJo thinks it’s between Luke and Chase, but Chad stands up to put his hat in the ring – he’s a Marine and he lost his mum, so he deserves love on the Bachelor right? No, definitely not. Dear god I hope not, although it could make for a more realistic and ridiculous train wreck.

Onto Jordan and JoJo, dealing with their rumours. She seems so cool to him, waiting for the moments to pass before this episode is over. What’s up with her, is the hot guy no longer enough? He seems so much more put together and professional than her, but maybe that’s just how he handles difficult situations. Big news: Jordan is moving to Dallas, into a new home with JoJo, and… is that why the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are there?

But who do you think the next Bachelor will be? And are you ready for Bachelor in Paradise? Look for our review next Monday!

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