Bachelor in Paradise week 2: when Evan got heartbroken and everybody liked Amanda

Chris Harrison sent Chad home at the end of episode one, after a drunken mess on the first night. He rages on a little longer, but overall nothing happens… yet.

Current lovers:  Amanda, Jubilee, Carly, Sarah, Emily and Haley (The Twins), Izzy, and Lace; Nick, Evan, Vinny, Grant, Daniel, and Jared (guys). The first new arrival: Leah. She didn’t make many friends on Ben’s season after lying about the other girls to get them sent home. She wanted to start off on a date with Chad, but picks Nick once she learns of last night’s drama. 

The Leah and Nick date starts off with passion fruit margaritas and exploring a street market. They have an awkward moment chatting in the beach before a “flirty, lighthearted kiss.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem he was as interested. That evening he gets his own date card…and chooses Amanda. Leah doesn’t take that very well, and heads over to bully Amanda while she’s getting ready. Spite really doesn’t look good on Leah, especially in front of the guy she likes. She starts going down the rabbit hole of crazy all in her first day, because of the “emotional roller coaster”

Nick seems immediately smitten with Amanda, and they start off with the big questions. What will make Amanda realize someone is good enough for her family? I’m so glad Leah’s intimidation tactics didn’t work at all. Instead, they have a nice make out by the fire.

Lace and Grant have a little spat over the Chad drama of last week, but Grant’s pretty great and doesn’t judge her for the mistakes in judgement. Everyone was interested to see if Chad was as crazy as he seemed last week. This show is getting raunchy! As they get down to business in the hookup suite, the producers don’t shy away from airing the audio. How awkward.

As the rose ceremony inched closer and closer, the girls are getting pretty frantic. Lace wants to lock Grant’s rose down after a spat over Chad early in the day, Izzy and Sarah are both looking for Vinny’s affection (which he gives), and Evan… well he’s not on the same page with Carly. She was so curious about him, but when they finally kissed she left very underwhelmed and he felt butterflies.

These stories get matched so well: Jubilee and Emily fighting for Jared; Leah and Amanda both interested in Nick.. but it seems so obvious on some of them who will get the rose, and who hasn’t captured their man’s attention. Nick chose a date with Amanda and is almost always by her side, while Leah needs to pull him aside and tell him to look at her in a conversation. It’s a good thing she’s heading over to Daniel after that rejection, since none of the girls seem very interested in that mess.

Rose pairings: Grant – Lace; Nick – Amanda; Evan – Carly; Jared – Emily (and Haley); Vinny – Izzy; Daniel – Sarah. Which means Jubilee and Leah are sent home. Daniel’s sweetness when offering the rose to Sarah was so strange. Does he actually like her, or is he just trying to get a bit of extra air time?

Remember Josh Murray, who won Andi’s season of Bachelorette and made Nick the runner up? Well he’s back, because we can’t let Nick be happy. Plus, he’s definitely broke or something right? Because he seemed like a fame whore last season. He immediately picks Amanda for his date, and Nick starts to turn a little sour. Apparently Andi wrote a tell all book and said some pretty unkind things about Josh (about emotional abuse). If even Daniel can tell you’re fake, that’s not a good sign. Amanda brings up that book, and it goes pretty well. They sail and snorkel before sucking face, while Nick feels pathetic. Was Josh paid to be the villain?

Evan gets a date card and takes Carly on pretty much the worst date ever. They have to eat a habanero pepper in 30 seconds and kiss for at least 90 seconds. How can two people be on such different pages? After another night, she goes off to find him and set it straight. He curls up in bed, but finally picks himself up to

Emily is really trying not to come on too strong, but Jared seems so platonic. He just seems so awkward, until he kisses her at least. Daniel starts working on Sarah, and he still seems pretty genuine just like at the rose ceremony. What’s going on there? Christian shows up with a date card, and immediately splits up the Daniel/Sarah potential. They go adventuring and make out, but she still seems in touch with Daniel once they get home. He pulls Sarah aside for an evening of chocolate strawberries and champagne, and (surprisingly) some conversation as well.

Brandon, apparently from Desiree’s season (but who really remembers something that long ago?), shows up for his chance at love. Chris plays up the ‘who are you’ factor, and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before. They’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this season, huh? Carly immediately gets interested after the Evan drama, but he picks Haley for a date. They have the usual small talk, and then Haley switches places with Emily to see if he can tell them apart.Which he can’t, obviously.

Evan isn’t confident since getting rejected by Carly, so he decides to break into the Amanda and Josh relationship. Literally while they’re making out, and have been all evening. (Do they ever detach themselves? It’s a bit much). He prepares a lobster dinner, some chilled white wine, and writes up a date card for them. OH I can’t even begin to imagine how awkward being a bystander for that conversation would be.

But we have to wait until next week. Do you think it’ll go well? Will Nick get over Amanda, or take on Josh (who’s becoming the next Chad-bully for everyone to take on)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter @reviewsbylauren

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