Belfry Theatre presents The Last Wife, a reimagining of Henry VIII and Katherine Parr

From September 20 – October 16, 2016 the Belfry Theatre will present Kate Hennig’s new play, The Last Wife. Directed by Esther Jun, The Last Wife stars Sean Baek (Thomas), Oliver Becker (Henry), Ellis James Frank (Edward), Anie Richer (Mary), Celine Stubel (Kate), and Mahalia Golnosh Tahririha (Bess).

The Last Wife, a contemporary re-imagining of the compelling relationship between Henry VIII and his last wife, Katherine Parr, is a witty and powerful examination of sexual politics. It’s a dangerous game of chess with Henry’s offspring, Mary, Elizabeth and Edward as pawns.

“The Last Wife is an imagining of history. Oh, yes, it’s based on actual people and events, and while parts of it are deliciously accurate, some bits may offend the historically precise among you, while still others are completely and utterly fabricated. My priority in choosing must always favour the dramatic.”

“What I am deeply interested in is the humanity of these iconic historical characters. I want to imagine what makes them do what they do, just as I want to imagine what makes Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and Aung San Suu Kyi do what they do. They are humans after all. They have mothers, fathers, siblings, and children. One expects that they play tennis, watch television, read books; they laugh, worry, drink too much coffee from time to time. It fascinates me to create these personal possibilities and then imagine how they might lead to some of the major decisions that history records. It helps us to see women as a moving political force of history away from the battlefields and the halls of office. It helps us to see the Tudor wave of feminism.” Kate Hennig, Playwright

The Last Wife is a co-production with the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa and will play there from November 1 – 20.

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