Conviction is too cliched and predictable


Hayley Atwell stars in a new procedural drama about wrongful convictions, as Hayes Morrison. She’s the daughter of a former president, top of her class at Harvard, brilliant lawyer, and legal professor. But she sleeps with students, is a wild child, and -at the start of the episode- in jail for cocaine possession.

Whatever will her mother think, especially as she’s running for a Senate position? …Is anyone else getting a Clinton vibe here? I understand that’s the point, but it’s painfully obvious and that part of the story never gets going for me. I don’t care about her family life, with the brother who isn’t in the spotlight or the big fundraising dinners she picks outfits for at the office.

She joins the CIU (Conviction Investigation Unit) under her “nemesis” NY District Attorney Connor Wallace – or, really, is blackmailed into it by her mother and Connor. Let’s make a bet: how many episodes will it take before they hook up? Every seen is rife with ‘witty’ banter from their attorney days, and wild child vs. good boy DA bluffs. When it’s presented so obviously from the first scene, it just loses interest.

Once blackmailed onto the team, she hates it and barely pays attention to the investigation. That is, until she meets with her mother and heads out to meet the convicted felon of the week: Odell Dwyer. She’s convinced of his innocence, but all I know is they took this straight out of Serial’s first season. Sure he’s innocent at the end, but I barely even watched the last half of the show.

It all feels so cliche, like it’s trying to be timely but just coming out flat. Every development this week was predictable, and I didn’t feel attached or interested by any of the characters. Sure, one guy is sour to Hayes for losing out on the top position, and another is an ex-con… but none of that made me yearn for more backstory.


All in all, not very good. And it premiered below Castle’s final season in viewers, which is not a good sign. I don’t expect this show to stay on air very long, not unless the writers change and the actors start caring.