Top Five: Scary TV Shows

I never realized how few shows I watch in the horror and thriller genres, until I started compiling this list and wasn’t able to fill it out with what I watch regularly. However it’s October, and the perfect time to get started in a new show (or three).

  1. American Horror Story. Not all seasons have been stellar, but overall it’s a great watch. The first seasons felt so different from what was previously on American TV (the shorter season, the serialized horror, and the intense, multi-dimensional characters and plots). With a new season on right now, it’s the perfect show to get you ready for Halloween.
  2. Penny Dreadful. It’s a period piece, sensationalist fiction, and some of the best horror on TV. Enter into the world of Dr. Frankenstein and Vanessa Ives.
  3. Hannibal. Not exactly horror, but definitely a psychological thriller. This is beautifully created and really delves into the inner workings of its characters.
  4. Masters of Horror. Bringing some of the best horror directors into each episode, this anthology series knows how to scare, intrigue, and sometimes completely terrify.
  5. Scream. I always loved the original movies, and this MTV/Netflix series is a great renewal of the classic. We get some of the same play on genre conventions as in the movies, but it also takes itself more seriously and tries to become a real scary entry. For a full review of the second season, check out my Random Netflix TV Night coming out later this month!

Are there any shows I missed? Let me know on Twitter @reviewsbylauren or in the comments below what shows I should check out next!

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