Top Five: List is a website with movie ratings for lots of scary movies. So basically, it’s the perfect tool to use this month when you’re trying to find the best scary movie.

It uses three main rating categories for the three main elements of a scary movie: gore, suspense, and disturb. Gore is pretty obvious, with movies like Saw and The Martyrs fitting in here with their bloody mess of “slammin’ slaughter.” Suspense tracks your stress levels from how much tension there was during the movie. Were you curling up in your chair all night, chewing your nails, or latching onto your friends? Then it’ll get a high score. Disturb looks at how the movie stays in your head. If you don’t like having trouble getting to sleep after your flick, then look for a low score. When rating films, you also get input on “scream factor” that gauges jump scares and “nightlight factor” on how tentative you are after watching.

I look for suspense over gore in my scary movie pickings, and I’m alright with a high disturb and nightlight factor. I’m not big into jump scares, but if they’re done occasionally (or really well) then I’ll be happy with them.

I decided to look at the top five movies in the Suspense category, since that seemed most up my alley. Check out my reviews (with reelscary ratings and my comparisons) below!

  1. Alien (1979). Starting off with a classic, it’s nice to rewatch movies that freaked you out as a kid. I remember curling up when my parents weren’t home, watching this on TV and switching channels to boring shows so I could calm myself down. This time I didn’t go that far, but it definitely still freaked me out. A lot.
    1. Overall rating: 8.1
    2. Gore: 4.9
    3. Disturb: 5.4
    4. Suspense: 8.2
  2. It (1990). It surprised me how many older movies were on this list, actually. I guess they focused more on building suspense because effects weren’t as good at the time. Either way, I miss movies like this being made. For me, clowns weren’t a big fear so this never got me going too much.
    1. Overall rating: 9.4
    2. Gore: 4.7
    3. Disturb: 7.3
    4. Suspense: 8.1
  3. The Shining (1980). It’s one of the A-type classics of the horror genre, so of course it’s on this list. It still creates a high level of fear and tension, so it was a fun rewatch.
    1. Overall rating: 7.6
    2. Gore: 3.2
    3. Disturb: 6.4
    4. Suspense: 7.9
  4. [Rec] (2007). Zombies are a little overplayed now, but in 2007 it was still a newly popular concept. I’m not a big found footage or shaky-cam fan, but it was still a good movie.
    1. Overall rating: 8.7
    2. Gore: 5.4
    3. Disturb: 6.5
    4. Suspense: 7.9
  5. The Orphanage (2007). Spain had a good thing going in 2007, coming out with the last two movies on this list. And let’s be honest… this is a really scary movie. Kids are freaky.
    1. Overall rating: 7.4
    2. Gore: 2.1
    3. Disturb: 6.1
    4. Suspense: 7.9

What type of scary movies are your favourite? Let me know what you enjoy about scary movies, and which are your favourites on Twitter @reviewsbylauren or in the comments below!