Bachelorette Canada: does it live up to the American version?

W network is currently airing the first season of Bachelorette Canada, an all-Canadian version of the popular ABC ‘reality’ TV show.

The premise is the same: a Bachelorette scorned meets 25 men and slowly whittles down the list through one on one and group dates. There are helicopters, concerts with musicians no one knows, and non-eating dinner dates, just like the American version. However, there are a few differences.

The editing feels a bit different here, focusing on giving us actual conversation during dates (unless it’s with Frenchy Benoit, who can do nothing but kiss). Jasmine, our first Bachelorette, actually uses her words to describe each man differently. The journals just don’t feel as formulaic as the original yet. Of course, we still get competitive dates and drama between the men, but it too feels fresher, a little more nuanced.

The one big drawback is the overt sponsorship. I understand that’s necessary to get this show off the ground, and I’m surprised the American hasn’t done that yet, but so far I know exactly what coffee the men drink, wine Jasmine drinks, and jewelry she wears too. A spa date in a luxury cabin? Apparently they use the tools everyone is raving about lately.

All in all, this season has been a lot of fun so far. They’re exploring new places, the guys are attractive, and there is still drama. Exactly what I want out of a show like this. Bachelorette Canada is on W Network from 9-10:30pm every Tuesday.