Fight Night: Five performers. Five rounds. Your vote. One survivor.

Five performers. Five rounds. Your vote. One survivor. The power is in your hands (literally! You have keypads!) to vote for your favourite candidate. Fight Night makes elections a wickedly fun theatrical game.

The performance puts five actors into the position of ‘candidates’ struggling to get the audience’s sympathy and, ultimately, their vote. Only one of them will survive the relentless series of eliminations and they apply all possible tactics and strategies to assure their victory.

Set on a platform reminiscent of a boxing ring, the competition is fought not with fists but with words and looks. The audience, armed with a voting keypad, decides who stays and who goes, but gets entangled in an increasingly complex and puzzling system of rules and manipulations. As in mediatized political campaigns, polls and predictions, debates and charm offensives challenge the voters’ loyalty and common sense, in the end toppling their notion of free choice.

“A vital exploration into why we cling to our democratic institutions despite their failures” – The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Through October 18 – 29, 2016, all tickets from just $20! Single tickets on sale now through The Cultch’s Box Office: 604-251-1363 or Plus, enjoy a lively post-show Q&A session with the artists: Oct 19, 23, 25.