My Favourite Podcasts

Over the summer, I really got into listening to podcasts. When you’re working 8+ hours a day in a job that doesn’t require much thought… it’s good to have something to listen to and engage with. So I’ve decided to start some monthly podcast round-ups to discuss my favourite moments from the ones I love, and to give me a chance at trying a few new ones.

Unfortunately, I already have so many podcasts I need to keep up with, especially as I came in late and need to catch up on some. Instead of jumping right in with a round-up, I’ll start by listing some of my favourites… These will probably make it into the round-up’s pretty frequently, but I also have a lot more I listen to that didn’t make it onto this list.

  • Serial – years ago, I used to listen to a couple podcasts, but what really got me back into it last year was Serial. I know, I’m late to the Adnan Syed game, but once I finally found it I was captivated. Honestly, I skipped second season. I just couldn’t get into it, even after a few episodes. Nothing against host Sarah Koenig, the story just wasn’t what I came for. The Story (season 1): high school senior Hae Lee Min goes missing in 1999 and soon after, her ex-boyfriend Syed is found guilty of the murder – but is he really guilty? The Netflix original Making a Murderer has similarities and created a short-lived craze just like season 1 of Serial did.
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno – weird title, incredibly funny. I heard about it from another podcast and decided to check it out… what do you know, it’s hilarious. Of course, you  have to be comfortable listening to a raunchier show, since they’re literally reading our a porno novel. The premise: guy discovers his dad wrote a porno, so he gets a couple friends together to read out a chapter each week. We’re onto season two, because there’s multiple books. I’d recommend starting from the beginning, so you get the recurring jokes.
  • NPR Politics Podcast – even though I’m Canadian, I’ve found this to be fantastic. It’s currently all about the election, since that’s the biggest news in American politics at the moment, but they do cover everything that’s going on. There’s a weekly recap of everything that went down, as well as a weekly ‘listener mail’ show where they answer all types of questions. If anything big happens outside of those two, then they’ll make an extra episode just for that (all the debates, Trump’s 2005 video leak, etc). Especially if you’re American, I think it’s a fantastic show to check out – I’m always impressed by how well they stay in the unbiased camp, and I’ve learned so much about the American electoral system.
  • Welcome to Night Vale – I know it’s been going on for ages now, but WtNV is mysterious, outrageous, and simply fun. After a while it gets a bit predictable, but give it a couple minutes and something will still shock you. It’s in the form of community updates from the small (fictional) desert town of Night Vale, and my main reason for sticking around for 90+ episodes is Cecil Baldwin, the narrator and radio host of WtNV. Is it weird if I say his voice is delicious? Oh well.
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour – I love all things movie and TV, and this show is really fantastic. It’s another NPR one (since they put out so much good stuff) and it’s also in a round table style, just like the politics show. A few people come together each week to discuss a few topics. There’s normally a big review in the first segment, then a more broad discussion in the second half. You’ll get info about some of the best new movies coming out, as well as introductions to way more books, movies, shows, songs, and everything in between, then you have time to delve into.

So there you have it, a few of my favourites so far.

Help me curate November’s round up! What are your favourite podcasts, new or old? Are there any types of shows you’re looking to find more of (history, news, stories, etc)? Let me know, and I can start searching for some of the best. Tweet me @reviewsbylauren or comment below to get in touch.