Survivor compares Gen Xers and Millennials

This season of Survivor has focused on the differences between Generation Xers and Millennials, creating two hyper-stereotyped teams with the unending ability to talk about themselves. How many episodes until their diaries no longer focus on the differences between Millennials and Generation X?

Millennials are the young people of today, and we get all the usual cliches. The hot people bonded immediately, and left the misfits to fend for themselves. That happens every season, but this time it felt a lot more high school. We have surfer bros, who never want a 9-5 job or university degree; gamer girls, who make a living off YouTube; someone who is literally still in high school; and the one ‘older’ guy of the tribe, Zeke, who has that 9-5 everyone else disdains.

Generation X started off cocky, assuming they could easily beat the self-involved, individualistic children from the other team. People brought strong personalities with goals of getting immediate control. Everyone has a career or children, or maybe both. Somehow that equates to superiority: they made it through their twenties so they must have a better brain, more strength, and a better way of viewing things.

Unfortunately for the Gen Xers, that hasn’t panned out for them so far. Both teams have been to Tribal Council, but the older generation made it there first. They’ve had more conflicts, many annoying personalities, and less teamwork in challenges and on their beach than the Millennials. Does that mean they’ll lose after a merge? Who knows, but we’ll certainly find out soon.

Survivor is on CBS every Wednesday, at 8pm.