Random Netflix TV Night: Scream season2

Season one ended after Piper was unmasked as the Scream killer, so who’s under the mask this time?

Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) is back after a mental breakdown in school just after first season ended, but she’s pretty unstable at the start here too. Fitzgerald plays it well, but seems to be taking too dramatic of a turn. I enjoyed season one, partly because it didn’t take itself too seriously. This time, it feels like I can’t watch as lightheadedly.

All of the ‘Lakewood Six‘ survivors are back, but unfortunately not for long. One is killed off by the end of episode one but we get a couple new people to add to our pool of suspects. Zoe Vaughn (Kiana Brown) is the super-smart girl in psych class with an interest in Noah (John Karna). Brooke (Carlson Young) also gets a new beau in Gustavo (Santiago Segura), the dark and broody son of new Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar). Lastly, Kieran’s cousin Eli (Sean Grandillo) arrives, causing problems between Kieran and Emma.

The new characters help to rejuvenate the show for a second go around and although it’s a slow setup, it makes for a great payoff. We get a bit less humour this season, again falling into a habit of going for the dramatics. The big thing I was missing was Noah – he’s my favourite character by far, and I just couldn’t get enough. Can I have a show just about him with all of his witty one-liners, please?

The final episode of season two was a special Halloween episode – and it was two hours long. We wrapped up the Kieran storyline and brought up a whole new killer crew. But to discuss it, I need to put up a spoiler alert. Check out my review of of the Scream Halloween Special over on my next post, here.

Season two of Scream is on Netflix, including the newest episode that aired this week. Plus, MTV recently renewed the show for a new 6-episode season to air in 2017.

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