For the Love of Love: Bachelorette Canada’s Quest for Real-ness

I’ve previously talked about how Bachelorette Canada feels more real and substantial than the American original, but I’ve begun to wonder whether that’s really possible.

The premise itself is quite an unrealistic one: bringing 25 suitors into one home, for a woman to date all of them in front of each other. It’s fun to watch on TV but that can’t really create a sustainable relationship, can it?

Good Human Productions has put together a class show. Sure, there was dramatic, scheming Drew and it’s clear some guys were on the show for their careers… but that can’t be helped – plus, it kept things interesting. Once we got down to the last 6 or 7 men that all fell away. Kevin W became really jealous, but wouldn’t you if your SO was dating a bunch of other people (all of which lived with you)?

This last week was hometowns, and once again that seemed to prove this was a lot more real than the American version. Houses were way more normal, not outlandishly big and perfectly styled. Families questioned Jasmine – and their sons – on what this process was like, how you could really fall in love during it, and whether there is really any chance at things working out afterwards. It seemed to make everyone think about whether there was true potential of this show to create lasting relationships, or if it’s just good, cheesy, ‘reality’ TV.

And really, who cares if that’s all this is? Audiences clearly love watching someone fall in love in extravagant, if not realistic, ways. Almost no one gets dates like these, but if I were to live vicariously through any show, Bachelorette Canada seems like one of the best options. There have been more honest, serious conversations in this series, and more diverse thoughts in everyone’s journal entries. Jasmine Lorimer has really impressed me, with her ability to change up what she says about each person. Sure, there’s still a lot of platitudes, but it’s like she actually has opinions on each man and doesn’t just say one token phrase.

Are you watching the finale tomorrow? I sure am! Check out my full recap and review coming out tomorrow!