Jasmine’s family challenges the men on Bachelorette Canada finale

At the end of hometowns last week, Jasmine sent home Mike because his feelings developed a little slower than the other two men and Mikhel starting getting a little jealous.

They left it really open-ended last week. Did Mikhel get overwhelmed and leave? Did he pull Jasmine aside and have an open discussion about it? As far as I can tell, none of the above. He just kept it quiet and went on to the next week, with Fantasy Suites and meeting her family.

We start with Jasmine really delving into her feelings with both of the men. Kevin is the stud, but she isn’t sure whether he’s saying what she wants to hear or saying what he means. Mikhel is the perfect catch (can you tell he’s my favourite?). He’s ready for everything, but showed a little uncertainty last week.

Mikhel’s date is up first in Cuba so they can deal with all that drama. He wants to tell her what’s wrong but  he just.can’t.deal. He’s jealous and insecure about the Fantasy Suites, but even after admitting everything it doesn’t change the problem. I can’t imagine he’ll be any happier tomorrow, but for now he gets his fantasy night.

Jasmine rocks up for her date with Kevin in a classic car. They explore Havana through making out and then talk about the hometown date and his over-controlling mother. They ‘happen’ to find a psychic and get this weird fortune about having 3 sons and twins, money and more money… at least Kevin is excited about all of it?

Almost everything on this date has been voice over from their journal’s, it’s like they’re never talking with each other so the show has to find other ways to make it watchable… Whoops! The only two conversations I can remember? The one where he thought a flight attendant was giving him her number and when she tried to explain to Kevin that there’s another man still in this.

Apparently the overnights went the opposite to how she expected. Her and Mikhel “caught up” to the relationship with Kevin, whereas she got in a fight with Kevin and he left halfway through. That’s an awful sign… Unsurprisingly, her family loves Mikhel. He’s sweet, genuine and obviously in love with her. Kevin really underwhelmed from the start, and his ladies-man qualities really hurt him. You know, when both families are uneasy, it’s probably not a good sign. All the little Bachelorette tears… what a great way to finish an episode.

With Jasmine’s family preferring Mikhel over Kevin, what do you think Jasmine will do next week?