Review: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is reminiscent of a lot of other movies but this brings everything together in a unique, palatable but plot-heavy way that only the Marvel Cinematic Universe can produce.

It’s occasionally predictable, but what super hero film isn’t? The manipulation of worlds is a bit reminiscent of Inception – and by a bit similar I mean unbelievably the same. I gotta say, it’s probably done better here though. Since everyone is able to manipulate it, and everything is moving around so fast, it really adds to the intensity of fight scenes and creates a dynamic we haven’t seen much of in the action genre.

And as for the final defeat of big, bad world-ending power… didn’t that feel like Avengers, when Iron Man flew up with the bomb to destroy the home world? Or Fantastic Four 2, when the Human Torch did… well, pretty much the same thing? I think I’ve found a Marvel pattern…!

Benedict Cumberbatch is surprisingly funny in this role. It’s not something I expected from him, since he looked so serious in the posters and trailers, but he frequently has time for quips and silly moments that break up the otherwise serious storyline. And I know it’s just a cloak… but how are they able to give it a mind of it’s own so quickly? Within moments of it’s entry I’m attached (much like it, him? her?) and accepting the fickle, comedic personality they’ve created for it.

Unsurprisingly, Mads Mikkelsen is a fantastic villain. He conjures up immediate unease when he comes on screen, mastering the tortured soul dynamic. Once again, the casting of a fantastic actor as a veritable side kick for the first movie ruins any chance at hiding their plans of becoming a major supervillain (for those unfamiliar with the comics: Mordo isn’t a good guy). Chiwetel Ejiofor is a superb actor, and although I’d love to see him as a sidekick of Cumberbatch for his next MCU entry, that’s just not going to happen.

As for the after credits scenes (spoiler alert) I’m excited to find out Doctor Strange will be back for Thor: Ragnarok and get insight into Mordo’s life after Strange. But that’s all I’m saying… You gotta check out this movie in theatres to find out more!