Jasmine’s Men Tell All – and it’s pretty tame, actually

Jasmine is down to two men, just Mikhel and Kevin W, so that means it’s time for all the other men to gather and talk out their issues. More like whinge for an hour.

They started by checking in on a bunch of random guys and their important moments, Seth and his awkward kiss, JP feeling division within the group of men, and…who are they again?

Drew gets up on stage and proves he’s still a cocky salesman. Usually they get on the hot seat and try to rephrase or explain themselves a little bit – who really wants to be known as the villain and nothing else? He tries to blame the editing, and says he only turned into the sleazy salesman once he realized him and Jasmine could never fall in love on here but no one was buying it. Probably the best use of audience cameras in this show: the exaggerated “come on” and eye roll were gold.

It was probably a good choice to focus on the Chris and Drew drama, since you have to focus on who we remember that didn’t have a harsh breakup. Sure, it’s sad Chris got rejected when he tried to kiss her, but he really doesn’t fit on this show. I’m sure he’s lovely, but that’s not what people are looking for if they sign up for this.

Anyway, then we’re onto the men who were hurt: Thomas, Benoit, and Kevin P. They’re all very kind, and don’t have anything bad to say about her or the process. How…Canadian. Mike is still unbelievably wonderful, and it’s hard to see him hurt here. Does anyone else get the feeling that they could still end up together? No? I just think he would be a fantastic choice for Bachelor… but maybe he’s a bit too sweet.

Was this Men Tell All a little lame? Nothing really kept me interested here – there wasn’t much drama and no interesting reveals. Oh well, I’m sure the finale will be better next week!

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