Random Netflix Movie Night – London Has Fallen fails to impress

Gerard Butler is back in his Secret Service role, this time in to protect his president (Aaron Eckhart) in London. Critics almost exclusively panned this movie for its unimaginative plot and I can’t help but agree. It is so.horribly.bad.

Early exposition to explain who the bad guy is sucks. It’s such a lazy way to introduce characters, and it’s even worse when it’s for background on why the conflict is going to happen. The usual xenophobic bad guys are also getting to be really frustrating. Can’t we differentiate? Why not have a Commonwealth enemy, or someone from the European Union? That could be interesting, but then you’d have to actually think about motives.

The entire plot is so contrived. The American President isn’t the only highly guarded government official in the world. The screenwriters completely circumvent all regular protocols the Secret Service would take to keep the president safe, and when they focus on the intense security measures they don’t actually show anything impressive. Mirrors to look under a car are pretty old school, and don’t really constitute security for the world’s royals, presidents, prime ministers, and other government officials. It’s like they’re taking ideas directly from a bunch of bad 1990s action movies you only watch on TV.

Clearly, I wouldn’t recommend this movie. The first one was at least a bit enjoyable, but I’d much rather re-watch White House Down.

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