Jasmine makes her choice on Bachelorette Canada finale

Jasmine has been so scared about making the wrong decision this whole season, and I hate to say it but I think she did just that.

She reminisces with Kevin by taking him to another cave. There’s birds instead of bats (don’t tell Kaitlyn Bristowe) and they make awkward conversation. She’s worried about whether he’s ready for the real relationship after the show, and commitment, and all that stuff which normally ends these relationships. After all the beautiful travel dates end, and with his mum clearly hating Jasmine, will it really work out? He seems to convince her everything will be fine, but I’m not so sure.

Mikhel gets a short chat on a bench culminating in some kisses, bad body language (from her), and an admission that she’s fallen in love with him. He looked so happy, but she just didn’t seem as engaged as she had been in past weeks. Their date didn’t seem as romantic or planned as the one with Kevin, but Mikhel seems to be a much better choice overall – there’s no question of commitment with him.

Both men sit down to pick out their rings next, and they had really different styles. Mikhel could immediately pick out a few that he liked, and seemed like a kid in a candy store he was so excited, while Kevin really had to be walked through the process.

I’m clearly team Mikhel at this point. He always seems so genuine, and was able to really express his emotions without seeming all broody like Kevin. Nonetheless, I’m devastated for him when it all comes crashing down. As he’s going through his speech it almost felt like he already knew there was a problem and he wasn’t her choice, so he handled the rejection like a pro. I have to admit, props to Jasmine because she didn’t let him get down on one knee, and she didn’t drag it out too long. Kevin shows up after with a big sappy walkthrough of their showmance. She gives him the rose and gets his ring, then they wander along the beach with a beautiful sunset. Maybe I should go to Cuba soon…

Mikhel is up first on After the Final Rose and he still can’t stop raving about her. He’s emotional, tearing up from the start, and honestly Jasmine seems a lot more upset than she should be. Didn’t she pick the man of her dreams, and ditched the one who wouldn’t work out? She admits she’s still in love with Mikhel, and fights with Kevin have made things pretty difficult – ouch!

Kevin finally has better hair! It’s a bit shorter, and he doesn’t have an ugly headband situation anymore. They seem really awkward, and apparently haven’t planned anything for once the world knows. An ET Canada interview later that night was… awkward, let’s just say that. He seems so stiff here, like he’s not sure what to do or how to act around her. Have they already broken up, perhaps?

Will Mikhel be the next Bachelor? Who knows, there’s definitely a few things up in the air still. Things don’t seem to be going well for Jasmine and Kevin – they took longer to get to post-AtFR interviews than normal (perhaps for a fight?) and then cancelled all their Wednesday press in Toronto. Jasmine has been completely silent on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, the whole deal – and so has Kevin. Also not a good sign. Maybe she’ll go running back to Mikhel, now that her and Kevin have hit a rocky patch, but either way he doesn’t seem too keen to jump back into the spotlight.

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