Childhood tale Peter and the Wolf comes to life in yesterday’s show at the Orpheum

The Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra (VAMSO) presents the timeless symphonic tale of Peter and the Wolf. The story of a boy outwitting a wolf came to life with over 100 musicians, young dancers from Goh Ballet, and narration from Bard on the Beach’s Christopher Gaze.

Each character represents a different instrument: Peter the strings, Bird as the flute, Cat voiced by clarinet, Duck as the oboe, and Wolf as French horn, allowing young theatre-goers a wonderful introduction to music education. Although all performers were from Goh Ballet’s Junior and Senior professional schools, they show great promise on stage.

Along with Peter and the Wolf, audiences also experienced Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain, commonly recognized from Disney’s Fantasia, and Rachmaninoff’s ode to Edgar Allan Poe, The Bells, welcoming the magnificent voices of the Vancouver Bach Choir on stage. Throughout the afternoon, the orchestra was balanced masterfully against Gaze’s narration of the classic story and the operatic Bells.

“For many growing up, Peter and the Wolf is their first introduction to classical music,” says Joseph Elworthy, Executive Director of the Vancouver Academy of Music. “It brings us tremendous pleasure to share this cherished Russian classic with a new generation of young music lovers, while rekindling fond childhood memories for adults in a presentation marking our first collaboration with Goh Ballet Academy. Highly-regarded in the local arts community, with a profound commitment to excellence, our two schools are a perfect match; this pairing of young talents from VAM and Goh Ballet represents one of future exciting partnerships to come.”