Trailer Roundup: 16/11/29

A few 2017 summer blockbusters have released their first trailers to get people interested, and there’s a big diversity in format. Some choose to show all, while others are a lot more guarded. Since it’s the end of the year, we also have a lot of exciting Oscars fare popping up. Some are a little more indie and may not play everywhere, but they’re still worth noting.

Run the Tide

(December 2)- Tylor Lautner has a bad rap from the Twilight franchise, but he looks pretty good in this. I can’t exactly say this isn’t going to be predictable, but that also doesn’t make it any less emotional of a journey. I’m not sure exactly how I feel on this one, but it could be good.


(December 2)- Natalie Portman takes a turn as Jackie Kennedy, overcoming the loss of her husband and examining his legacy. This looks like another stunning performance for Portman, where she can really dig into the character and

All We Had

(December 9)- Katie Holmes is coming up with a stellar performance (and directorial debut) in this mother-daughter experience, set against the backdrop of the recent financial crisis of 2008. There’s a few movies on this list with female-centric casts (or focusing on women in the main roles, at least) and this is one of them – gotta say, I’m excited to see a few more popping up.

La La Land

(December 16)- Finally a trailer for La La Land that actually makes it seem interesting! I don’t know what it was about all of them so far, but there was no actual story – just lots of kissing and singing. Now I can get on board.

A Kind of Murder

(December 16)- The trailer feels very Gone Girl – did Patrick Wilson kill his wife or not? Since that one was so good, I’m hoping this will be equally captivating. Not with the same twist, obviously, but with a similar psychological thriller feeling.


(December 16)- What do you think of when I say Anthony Hopkins and serial killer? It’s probably not Solace since Hannibal Lecter is his classic, but this looks to hit it’s mark. I’m pretty much only on board because Colin Farrell is the killer. He’s had such a come-back lately with good movies like The Lobster, and he’s good at the dark, mysterious thing. He doesn’t say a word in this trailer and that only makes me more intrigued…

20th Century Women

(December 25)- It’s a coming of age tale, but instead of focusing on the son’s transformation it’s helmed by his mother Annette Bening. She’s on a journey just as much as him, and she enlists the help of Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig to help her through the process. I’m looking forward to the change of focus, and seeing Bening’s performance that has critics saying she’s the one to beat for the Oscar.

Hidden Figures

(January 6)- Now I personally don’t know the history behind this story, and I always find a lot of fun in learning about them on screen. I’m a little concerned with Kevin Costner’s portrayal – it seems like he’s got a bit of the ‘white saviour narrative‘ going on – but it should be a good film nonetheless. Octavia Spencer is one of my favourites, and how often do we get depictions of super smart women on screen?

Live By Night

(January 13)- Ben Affleck has proved himself a good director, both The Town and Argo were good, enjoyable movies. This looks like another hit, but maybe not great. He’s making a film about the ’20s and Prohibition Era a little late, I thought that got played out a couple years ago. It’s a good trailer though, a lot more cohesive than the first, and he’s seemed to focus attention on a big cast this time.

T2: Trainspotting 2

(January 27)- 20 years after the first Trainspotting movie and we’re back at it again – checking in on everyone from the original and seeing how things have changed. This is really just for lovers of the original, since I’m not sure how many others will get much out of it.

Kong: Skull Island

(March 10)- They’ve tried to reboot King Kong a couple times in the past few years, but this one still looks good. Maybe it’s the great cast, or perhaps the darker, grittier visuals and more elaborate story that has me interested, but either way I’m looking forward to this.

Ghost in the Shell

(March 29)- Let’s get this out right from the start: casting ScarJo in this role instead of a Japanese actress is wrong. The entire story is from a Japanese culture and point of view, and Westernizing it changes the foundation of the story to one that is not the same as the original manga, or movies, or TV series. A better explanation of that is here, but let’s talk about the trailer. It looks… okay? The cityscapes and design of the overall film is certainly interesting, but the action looks a little meh – at least in this trailer. I love Johansson, but I’m not sold.


(April 12)- So this one is a long way out, but it looks lovely. Chris Evans is a single man raising his sister’s incredibly intelligent young daughter, forced to fight to raise her how he thinks his sister would have wanted. It’s from the director of (500) Days of Summer (and the Amazing SpiderMan movies, but let’s not think about that) so this could go either way – I’m guessing it’ll end up a poignant but still sweet feel-good film.


(May 26)- Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are doing a summer blockbuster space film. I’m so over movies telling me everything about them before I’ve even gone to see it and if this trailer is any indication, especially with how early it’s come out, then I’ll know the whole movie by the time May rolls around. The whole thing felt very much like a demonstration on why searching for life in space is bad – just like all the movies about AI turning on us. If you’re looking for another version of the trailer, here you go.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

(July 21)- I loved The Fifth Element. It’s always one of my go-to movies if I’m looking for something a little weird, especially since Chris Tucker and Bruce Willis are a dynamite pairing. This looks incredibly different, but just as fascinating and strange – Luc Besson at his best. Plus, what a good trailer! It shows you the world a little bit, introduces the main heroes, and then it’s done. I have no clue what’s going to happen, and that’s exactly what I wanted from a first teaser trailer.

Anything I missed that you think is important? Let me know! Plus, tell me about any trailers that get you excited in the next two weeks by tweeting me @reviewsbylauren and maybe I’ll include them! Check back on December 6th for the next edition!