November Podcast Roundup

I’ve been getting into so many interesting podcasts lately, it’s been hard to choose which ones to include. I took a couple long bus trips this month which was the perfect time to check out some new (and new to me) shows.


Homecoming is a new serialized fiction podcast produced by Gimlet. So far there’s only two episodes, and we jump straight in following Heidi Bergman (voiced by Catherine Keener) a caseworker-turned-waitress who worked on the Homecoming project with returning soldiers. Instead of a using a narrator, we hear lots of different clips directly from Heidi’s life: phone calls, therapy sessions, diner conversations and other moments.

Called a psychological thriller, it stars Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich), Oscar Isaac (Ex Machina), David Schwimmer (Friends), Amy Sedaris (Puss In Boots), and David Cross (Arrested Development). A pretty all star cast, especially for a podcast. I’ll definitely be checking in when new episodes air and the story progresses, since I’m not exactly sure where it’s going yet – very interesting, either way.

Regularly Scheduled Podcasts

Halloween may have just ended, but The No Sleep Podcast was a great new one for me to find this month. It’s a compilation of scary and eerie stories from lots of different wonderful storytellers. A lot of them really make you think, and some just creep you out for a bit. I love that feeling, so it’s a good show for me. My most recent favourite? “The Nuclear Incident on Bumblebee Lane” written by Rafael Marmol on season 8, episode 3. It’s strange and intriguing, and feels reminiscent of many sci-fi stories, with its own little twist.

Guys We F****d is a fun, feminist podcast with two kick-ass women at the helm. I stopped listening for a while, but recently got back into it while I was taking a long bus trip. They cover a ton of topics, mainly looking at their key themes of sex and female empowerment. Fair disclaimer though… if you’re not comfortable with sex talk (like their sexual fantasies and weekend activities), this isn’t the show for you.


Aisha Tyler is incredibly busy. She’s the voice of Lana on Archer, she’s a strong, powerful agent on Criminal Minds, she’s involved in lots of other projects, and she’s the host of the Girl on Guy podcast. New episodes get put up almost monthly with long-form discussions with great celebrity guests. Most recent were Chelsea Handler in September, Neil Degrasse Tyson in early November, and her mother for Thanksgiving. I’ve put this one into the catch-up pile because she’s on episode 220, and there’s a lot of great episodes in the catalogue it would be great to check in on.

So what did I miss? Help me curate December’s round up! What are your favourite podcasts, new or old? Are there any types of shows you’re looking to find more of (history, news, stories, etc)? Let me know, and I can start searching for some of the best. Tweet me @reviewsbylauren or comment below to get in touch.