Sandtimer’s EP Mackerel – Reviewed

Sandtimer released their second EP Mackerel today, and I got the chance to check it out a bit early. Rob Sward and Simon Thomas comprise this indie folk duo focusing on simple guitar-based arrangements that were inspired by the sparse textures of early Appalachian folk.

The title track sets things off to a good start, with hypnotic vocals and a casual guitar tune. Get On Your Skates is one of the more upbeat sounding songs, with a very familiar and comforting sound.

Occasionally the vocals don’t seem to line up with the tone or feeling of the guitar which creates a weird disparity, but overall it’s a fun little EP. Marlow tries to really change up the delivery but it falls a little flat. I liked the guitar-work, but it doesn’t hold up on it’s own for extended periods.

It’s a good choice for easy listening, with some slower songs and the occasional change to upbeat or instrumentals rolled into a pretty solid album. Their experimentation needs a little more fine tuning, but I look forward to seeing their progress.

Check out Sandtimer on Facebook here, and get their album here.



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