World Premiere of Albatross at Firehall Arts Centre – December 7-10

Albatross is a new work created by Brussels-based German Jauregui in collaboration with Vancouver’s Company 605. This driving duet pulls apart a single moment, enabling us to dissect and experience its contents in expanded time.

Like two parts of one’s self, in continuous motion and perpetual contact, two bodies inhabit a single person’s trajectory through a test of endurance. Faced with both a physical and psychological burden, the heavy weight that they must carry, the performers are forced to surrender to the circumstances and to their interdependence. They simultaneously become each other’s obstruction and support to keep moving forward.
A constant falling that never ends in the ground, like the Albatross flying without flapping his wings, humans live resisting their descent into regret.

Tickets: online at or by calling the Box Office at 604-689-0926