Jasmine and Kevin break their silence – and Bachelor Canada casting opens!

After leaving us with a lot of questions at the end of the first Bachelorette Canada season, Jasmine and Kevin finally broke their media silence with an exclusive ET Canada interview and a few Instagram posts. Then, a new season of Bachelor Canada was announced.

After the Final Rose brought a whole lot of problems – they didn’t seem comfortable with each other, Jasmine revealed continued feelings for Mikhel, and the parents added a whole new level of awkwardness. So when they cancelled all press for the next day… it was a little suspect.

Jasmine and Kevin sat down for an interview with ET Canada’s Roz Weston, and explained how hard this experience was to go through. It seems that the public had a big part to play: “The finale is supposed to be a really positive time, but it’s emotional for us. The reactions from people made it really hard. We realized we really needed time to connect with each other and disconnect with everything else.”

The interview also revealed that Mikhel now has a girlfriend, so he’s no longer a prime Bachelor candidate. With that being said… W Network is taking over Bachelor Canada from City TV (who previously aired two seasons). Casting opened on December 1st for their new bachelor and his 20 interested bachelorettes. Although additional casting calls across Canada will be announced later, why not check out what you need to apply…

Everyone needs a headshot, full body shot, and a video under 2 minutes. You have lots to answer in that video, and obviously that’s exactly where your personality should shine. Talk about your dating history, or a funny date story; the women you want to meet on the show (or what type of guy you want in a Bachelor); and something that makes you stand out.

The questions start out pretty straight forward, but then they get into a few choose three’s (words that describe you, activities in your spare time) and paragraph answers (why you want to get married, describe your family, what is your dating history). The best part? You have to sign over pretty much all of your privacy. There will be cameras on the show filming all the time, and they can manipulate your personality in any way they want.

Production is set to begin in April and May 2017 (for nine weeks), with the series airing in the fall. The applications for bachelor and bachelorette.