Trailer Roundup: 16/12/06

We’re really into the thick of it here. The Oscar-worthy trailers have mostly all arrived, but now we’re getting a lot of summer blockbuster fare as well. There’s also a few of those dramas in that weird lull between Oscar movies and summer blockbusters. It’s always interesting to see whether they’re the early Oscar contenders for next year, or if they’re just fluff to tide people over.

Patriots Day

(December 21)- All Mark Wahlberg does is true stories now, and I’m over it. It just gets old, after a while. Kevin Bacon and J.K. Simmons could make this one more interesting, but even that didn’t keep my interest in this trailer. It just felt so plane, and the event featured is so recent that there’s no point to even have a movie on this year. Or ever, since the trailer really seemed to have a ‘hero takes on the Muslims’ mentality. Let’s just not do that, okay?


(December 22)- Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver (aka Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) go searching for Liam Neeson in Japan. Oh, and it’s the 17th century. “The moment you step into that country, you step into high danger.” Anyone else think that’s a weird way to talk about Japan? I know it’s historical fiction, lightly based on real 17th century Jesuit missionaries and the abuses they faced… but still. Despite the weird line there, I quickly lost my problems. The trailer looks beautifully conceived and intensely acted, and I can only imagine how wonderful the actual film will be – Martin Scorsese is one of my favourites, after all.


(December 25)- It’s a big Oscar contender this year. Denzel Washington is director and lead actor (nominated for both at Critics Choice awards), and Viola Davis is stunning as his wife (as always, she’s incredible). The trailer looks to be an intense family drama, from a perspective we don’t get to see prominently featured very often.

A Hundred Streets

(January 13)- I haven’t seen Gemma Arterton pull out many great roles yet, but she looks to be doing just that here. Idris Elba looks top notch, but I can’t help but worry this is coming out at the wrong time, when people are tired of dramas and psychological thrillers. What this trailer doesn’t show is there’s three main stories – ex-rugby player struggling to manage life after sport (Elba and Arterton), a drug dealer trying to leave a life of crime, and a cab driver wishing for children who ends up in a road accident. Now that makes it seem even better…

Before I Fall

(March 3)- Kind of like Edge of Tomorrow, but a girl (Zoey Deutch) is stuck in a never-ending loop of the day she was supposed to die. Clearly she changes throughout the process, but will it end any differently? It’s based on a young adult novel of the same name, so I assume it’ll be a little fluffy and YA for a lot of people.

The Shack

(March 3)- Remember when No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits came out within 6 months of each other, with the same story? Or Olympus has Fallen and White House Down? Well it’s happened again, this time with Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty and this one with Sam Worthington. Man loses daughter, man loses faith, man regains faith when talking to God/love/death/etc etc etc. Seems pretty similar right? Unfortunately, it exactly the type of movie that comes out in that lull: not too intersting, but very predictable. Bring tissues if you’re going out to see it.

Beauty and the Beast

(March 17)- Just another in a series of Disney animated classics turned to live-action movies. Some have been really good, namely Cinderella, while others have felt like exact replicas. This is leaning towards the latter, but maybe this trailer was just to hook millennials like me into a nostalgic desire to see this. It worked incredibly well, if I’m honest. This would be a good choice to turn into a feminist princess film, I’m just not sure how much they’ll be willing to twist the story.

The Belko Experiment

(March 17)- This looks pretty bad, one of those B-movies that might have a somewhat interesting idea but have less than stellar actors and are really just there for a little mindless entertainment. Honestly, that sounds pretty good after such an intense run of movies coming out lately.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

(March 31)- Jessica Chastain is the Polish wife of a zookeeper in WWII who decides to protect Jewish people from the ghetto. Chastain looks absolutely incredible in this one, and then there’s Daniel Brühl who I can’t get enough of. Maybe bring your tissues for this one — it looks pretty emotional.

The one thing I’m not sure about is why this chose a March release date. Like I mentioned above, this is normally a really iffy time for good dramas to get released. People can easily forget about great performances that happen this early.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

(April 25)- Can this come out tomorrow please? It looks so light and fun! Baby Groot had a lot of screentime, so hopefully that means he’ll really have some time to flourish in this one. The whole gang looks to be having a good time, especially during the montage set to Sweet’s “Fox on the Run” – I’m glad the music won’t be changing anytime soon.

The Mummy

(June 9)- “Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.” That should really be the slogan for all of Universal at the moment, since they’re rebooting not one or two franchises… but all of them (Invisible Man, Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Van Helsing, Bride of Frankenstein… every old school monster you can name).

But we’re greeted to this initial Mummy teaser with not much information. What we do know: the mummy is a woman, Russell Crowe is Dr. Jekyll, and there’s a lot of talent behind the scenes (JJ Abrams protégé Alex Kurtzman, Jon Spaihts, and Christopher McQuarrie are all involved).

“I saw her,” he says. “She is real.” That’s it. Not much to go on, but it’s certainly an exciting twist from the original. The real trailer came on Sunday… and is right down below.

It looks super interesting, but there’s a lot to deconstruct here. First up: getting a longer look at the mummy. She reminded me of the Enchantress in Suicide Squad A LOT, and as much as I hated that movie… it isn’t a bad thing. She looks good, way different than the previous version from 1999. The multiple pupil thing was cool, too. The whole thing felt very Mission: Impossible, Supernatural Edition. I’m not complaining though, it looked more intense and fast-paced than the Fraser series. Also way less of a thinking movie, as you’d expect from Tom Cruise.

But why was Cruise in a body bag? Did he survive the plane crash somehow, or has he been brought back to life? It’s clearly set in the present, so I’m curious how that will change things. They’re keeping the Egyptian theme going with hieroglyphs and desert locations which I like a lot. The actress Sofia Boutella is Algerian-French, so admittedly not perfect but a lot better than some of the recent Egypt-based blockbusters.


Anything I missed that you think is important? Let me know! Plus, tell me about any trailers that get you excited in the next week by tweeting me @reviewsbylauren and maybe I’ll include them! Check back on December 13th for the next edition!