Who knew Little Red Riding Hood would make such a great holiday tale?

If you’re from the East Van area, you’ve probably seen ads up all over the place for Theatre Replacement’s annual holiday spectacular. But if not, then let me catch you up to speed. Every year, they put on a holiday pantomime called the East Van Panto: a silly, spectacular musical night of laughs and audience interaction. This year’s rendition took the story of Little Red Riding Hood, stretching it from the short tale of a girl off to visit her grandma in the woods to this whole marvellous night.

This has certainly become a new holiday tradition for me, it couldn’t have been any better. I felt like I was constantly laughing and surprised by the next song they adapted or the newest set piece.

You might say this isn’t much of a holiday show, but with Holiday Claus hosting and his three off-brand holiday backups it definitely feels like it.

I couldn’t pick out what I knew Andrew McNee from, until suddenly I realized: he’s been on Bard on the Beach, in some of my favourite shows. He definitely doesn’t disappoint in this one either, picking up roles as both the Holiday Claus host and Big Bad Wolf. He’s very willing to be silly and poke fun at himself, something you can never have too much of in a show like this.

Shows run through December 31, and tickets are available at The Cultch’s Box Office, by phone at 604.251.1363, or online at The Cultch.