Bachelor Fantasy League: Nick Viall Edition

The 21st season of ABC’s The Bachelor is set to start in the New Year, pulling Nick Viall from Bachelor Nation to be their shining star (and hopefully find love after so many failed attempts).

A few years ago I started setting up fantasy leagues with friends that I ended up publishing here as well. This time, I’m doubling down and making sure it’s in top shape for everyone. So grab your friends and check out the printable forms below – along with a full explanation of the fantasy league.

Okay, so first up you’ll likely want a couple of friends to play with. It’s best when everyone can get together to watch the show (hosting tips coming soon!), but if not just make sure everyone knows the rules and has a group message to chat about it in later.

Next up, you need to figure out what you’re playing for. Is it just bragging rights? Or will everyone put a couple dollars (or a bottle of wine, small gift, etc) into a pot for whoever has the most points at the end? One year, all my girls brought in a couple bars of chocolate on the first night to use as our final prize.

Choosing your girls is the most important part. You want people you think will last a long time, preferably until the end, but you don’t have that long to choose. On the first episode, everyone exits the limo 1 by 1 and gets a short introduction with Nick. Once the last girl enters the mansion, the window is closed and you have to make your final decisions. But don’t worry, I’ll have a breakdown of all the girls before the season starts to help make your choices a little easier.

One variation is with backups. I’ve played with this in the past, but I think I’ve finally found the best way to have substitutes. After you’ve picked your 5 favourites, you get to choose an additional 2 by the end of limo exits that become your alternates. If one of your core five is sent home, you have a replacement so you’re still competitive. You don’t get to track points on those additional girls until you need them in the next episode, but it will still help you make it through.

So let’s look at the points breakdown:

Common Points (every girl can get this ONCE per episode, even if it’s shown multiple times) — 25 points

  • Kissing
  • Crying (whether the girl does, or Nick cries over her)
  • Girl fights (both girls get these points, primarily for yelling/confrontation)
  • Hot tubs
  • Helicopters
  • Flights on dates
  • Mentioning previous seasons (Nick has been on two Bachelorette seasons with Andi and Kaitlyn, and one Bachelor in Paradise season where Josh returned and ‘stole’ Amanda from him)

Bonus Points (can happen multiple times per episode, for every girl) — 75 points

  • Villain (if the girl is made into a villain through editing or if everyone gangs up on someone, to her face or behind her back. EX: Olivia or Chad; can only be used once per episode)
  • Starting gossip (if someone talks down about other girls, to Nick or women in the house)
  • Too drunk
  • Cheating scandal (they’re rare, but occasionaly it happens)
  • Too jealous
  • Medical emergency (especially if it gives them more time with Nick)
  • Sex before the Fantasy Suite date (this has to be pretty explicit, either in editing or getting talked about)
  • Choosing to leave on their own, instead of not being given a rose

Main Events, basically how people are given roses

  • 1st impression rose: 200 points
  • Group and 2 on 1 roses: 150
  • 1 on 1 and rose ceremony roses: 100
  • Rejecting the Fantasy Suite: 75

Using the chart I’ve attached below, you write in the letter C (common) or B (bonus) for every time one of the things in the list happens for your girls. Main event points need to be written out because each one has different point values. At the end, you total it up and see who’s in the lead.

There’s two easy options with the 5 person chart below. First, is each person in your fantasy league can get their own form and put in one of their chosen girls in each ‘competitor’ slot, so one girl is tracked in each row. This gives a lot more space for totaling points. OR each person in the fantasy league gets one of the ‘competitor’ sections for themselves so all 5 of their girls are tracked in one row. There’s less space this way, but it uses less paper. It’s up to you!

This all may sound a bit complicated so far, but don’t worry. I’ll be tracking points for every girl and keeping you updated weekly with full recaps of the episodes and points breakdowns. Plus, if you ever have any questions, comment below or tweet me @reviewsbylauren!

Here’s the printable form:

There’s a JPG below, but you can also find a PDF here!

Bachelor Fantasy League – 5 Person Chart

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